Fab Eco Trendsetters Arizona

Fab Eco Trendsetters

James Judge

Sustainable realtor and DIY expert

As an eco-driven realtor and renowned DIY expert, James Judge proves that home design, thrifting and leaning into the use of upcycled furnishings and materials actually go hand-in-hand—and can make any home staging look just as good (if not better) through a more sustainably-minded design approach.

What does it mean to you to be an eco trendsetter? I always try to work with what I’ve got. Don’t buy a house that’s one style just to gut it and make it into something else. Embrace features and fixtures that make it unique and build the design around them. I love to focus on simple ways that improve design and style without causing massive waste.   

Best advice for how to be more sustainable in our day-to-day lives? Think about what you’re doing. People throw away so much that could be recycled, reused, reimagined or revitalized. Shop your local Goodwill or thrift store—you’ll be amazed at what you can find and give new life too.  

Why is it so important to be more eco-minded in our work? It’s important because it sets an example for others. People see what we are doing, and it’s important to lead by example. As a designer, I always try to highlight the things that are eco-minded because I think it helps people to realize the impact they can make but also the possibility for a better design as well. (Paint your kitchen cabinets instead of replace them, refurbish an old chair, and work with what you’ve got. It often makes for a better ‘one-of-a-kind design’ too!) 

What impact do you most hope to leave on your community and the world? Not everything is a gut job. 

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