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Fabulous Designer: Dany Mizrachi

Phoenix Fashion Week presented the Global Virtual Runway Experience – The Style Trend Show on Dec. 19. The virtual show featured six couture and ready-to-wear designers with unique backdrops and styles, representing multiple continents. Today, meet participating designer Dany Mizrachi…

Brand name and headquarters: Dany Mizrachi from Israel. 

What is unique about your brand: Unique cuts, costume made, haute couture. 

What kind of social impact will your brand leave on the world: Girl power.

Your first fashion job: Fabric production. 

Key person who impacted your fashion/business life the most and why: Shirley Bassey. I was a fan because she was larger than life, with dramatic gowns.

Your biggest fashion accomplishment so far in your eyes: When Gal Gadot was a bride, I designed three dresses for her. Irina Shayk, Israel’s first lady, “Dancing with the Stars” TV show, Miss Israel and Miss Russia. 

The biggest fashion/business obstacle you have overcome: My biggest obstacle was that I was too fashion forward, but I learned to balance it through the years.

A designer who inspires you today: Thierry Mugler.

Your favorite quote: “Trust nobody but yourself.”

Advice to someone pursuing a career as a fashion designer in today’s challenging environment: Go with your vision and heart. 

How did the Virtual Style Trend Show by Phoenix Fashion Week impact your brand during pandemic: We got good social media buzz and inquiries to work with me.

What can fans expect to see from your brand in 2021: Going back to my childhood and going to mix the basic with the authentic couture worldwide. 

Photo credit: SYPhotography

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