5 Tips For An Amazing Sedona Vacation

Many consider Sedona, Arizona to be one of the most beautiful places in the country. With its massive red rocks and gorgeous views, what is there not to love? On your Sedona vacation you can enjoy everything from unique shopping, to delicious eateries, to breathtaking hikes. If you follow these five simple tips you are sure to have the most amazing Sedona vacation you could ever imagine.


Visit a Travel Center

Before you actually attack your Sedona vacation, your first stop should be one of the two Sedona Travel Centers. PRLog recommends these travel centers because they will provide you will all of the information that you need to plan a great vacation. The Travel Centers can provide you will free maps of the key things that you need to see in the city, as well as winery tour maps and jeep/bike trail information. Plus, the Sedona Travel Centers are open around the clock, and even feature a drive-thru, making it super convenient for you to get the information you need.

Protect Yours

If you plan on doing any business on your trip, you are probably going to have to use the free WiFi that can be found at a variety of shops and cafes around the city. In order to keep yourself safe from identity theft, it is imperative that you sign up for a company like LifeLock before you leave town.

Rent a Car

In order to fully enjoy everything that Sedona has to offer, you are going to need a way to get around. Since there aren’t really taxis or public transportation in the area, a rental car is your best bet. While the town itself is very enjoyable, some of the most rewarding experiences of your trip will be had when you are out exploring. Travel Zoo points out that it is important to get a parking permit in town before you head out on the rocks. The $5.00 permit will allow you to park anywhere throughout the park for the entire day. It can also be beneficial for you to fly into the Phoenix airport and rent your car from there. Even though it is further away than the Flagstaff airport, the fares are substantially lower.

Take a Tour

While exploring the rocks on your own can be a lot of fun, you will also want to take a rafting tour to get the full Sedona experience. Digital Journal recommends Sedona Adventure Tours for an unforgettable family experience. Your family will enjoy some of the most gorgeous scenery in the country while rafting down the Verde River. The tour guide will ensure that all safety measures are followed. You can also join Sedona Adventure Tours for a little adult entertainment with a wine tasting tour or horseback riding.

Visit Jerome

While in the Sedona area you are also going to want to make a pit stop in Jerome. Jerome was a thriving town back in the copper mining days. Now it is an abandoned ghost town full of culture and personality. There are unique shops and delicious food to make the 35 minute trip from Sedona worthwhile.

Now that you know these tips to make your Sedona vacation unforgettable, it is time to start packing your bags. When you get back from your trip, make sure to come back and share your own Sedona travel tips for others to benefit from.

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