Arizona Fashion Week 2023 Celebrity Designers

Arizona Fashion Week returns on Oct. 22 to captivate fashion enthusiasts with a prolonged celebration of style, diversity and talent. This expansive event, taking place from Oct. 22 to Nov. 5, showcases a rich tapestry of fashion, bringing together designers, models and industry insiders from across the globe. Amongst these creatives are three prominent designers set to grace the runway at this highly anticipated event. 

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Michael Ngo 


An ingenious and boundary-pushing fashion designer, Michael Ngo is renowned for his avant-garde creations that merge streetwear and high fashion effortlessly. His bold and intricate designs have garnered international acclaim, making him a trailblazer in the industry. From runways to red carpets and music stages, Ngo’s work shines with an unmistakable brilliance. On Nov. 5, fashion enthusiasts can visit MIX Center to witness his exceptional designs up close and also enjoy a meet-and-greet brunch at Almost Famous.

Kenneth Barlis


Kenneth Barlis, the maestro of couture evening wear and luxury gowns, is synonymous with elegance. Since establishing the brand in 2012, Barlis has been celebrated on Project Runway and his designs have graced the likes of Halsey, Alicia Keys, Zara Larsson and more. The designer’s most recent collaboration with Disney on costume design for American Born Chinese has cemented his reputation as a designer of exceptional grace and style. Don’t miss his runway showcase at Scottsdale Airpark on Nov. 4 and the meet-and-greet after-party at Arboleda.

Usama Ishtay


Characterized by a distinct avant-garde yet sultry style, Usama Ishtay is a rising star in the fashion world. The designer’s eye-catching works have adorned celebrities like Tyra Banks, Nikita Dragun, Carrie Underwood and Saweetie. Featured on Netflix’s Next in Fashion, Ishtay’s creativity knows no bounds. Catch Usama’s latest works on Nov. 3 at X Phoenix for a meet-and-greet and a runway showcase.

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