Author: Kenzie Barrena


Barrett-Jackson’s 50th Year Anniversary

In celebration of its 50th anniversary at WestWorld Scottsdale, Barrett-Jackson returns Saturday, Jan. 22, to Sunday, Jan. 30. This year’s annual car auction will feature some of the world’s greatest car collections and visits from rock legend Bret Michaels, movie star Sharon Stone and Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull.  


Best Bagel Spots

Jan. 15 is National Bagel Day, and in honor of celebrating the doughy delicacy, here’s a list of some of the best shops to visit in Arizona that are quite literally ba-goals. 


Best Vegan Restaurants in Arizona

From vegan hot dogs and “Big Macs” to complex, globally-inspired main courses, Arizona’s vegan dining scene boasts a multitude of options for local vegans that proves veggie-based plates can be more than a simple green salad.