Drybar Celebrates Over A Decade of Service in the Valley

In an era defined by eclectic beauty and wellness techniques, it’s difficult to know which trends will stand the test of time, and which ones are simply on-brand for the moment.

But through it all, there’s one thing that will never really go out of style—confidence. Amy Ross, a former corporate employee-turned-operating partner, saw the potential in involving herself with a business that not only valued this, but one that quite literally worked to empower its consumer base.

That’s a huge part of the identity for Drybar—a beauty blowout bar that specializes in top-notch customer service and consistent product delivery. The brand is the brainchild of Alli Webb, who started offering hair blowout services to her friends during the Great Recession, and later scaled her business into a full-fledged company that now boasts 150 locations nationwide.

Over a decade ago, Ross saw the possibilities of the brand and went on to open the first Drybar location in Arizona—while also helping to expand its Valley-reach in the coming years.

At its core, Drybar promotes doing what most women feel they can’t—take time to indulge in themselves.

“The thing is, taking time to invest in your hair is about more than just going to prom or getting ready for another Saturday night—at Drybar, we’re literally making women feel good about themselves every day, no matter what they’re doing,” says Ross. 

She also credits that unlike other franchise salons or beauty bars, what really sets Drybar apart is its consistency. 

“If I’m in New York or Los Angeles or Scottsdale, and I go to Starbucks to order a vanilla latte, I know the standard that the Starbucks baristas are taught to uphold at every location. That same standard of high-level customer service and consistency is something that I think customers recognize in Drybar too—and no matter where they are, they’re going to get it,” says Ross.

Today—even over 10 years later—Drybar’s identity is still rooted in its same principles. And looking ahead, Ross remains aligned in her mission to create a space for women that promotes self-love, indulgence, and the freedom for women to feel good as hell about their hair—no agenda required.

“At the heart of it all, I just really want to help women feel great about themselves. And for us at Drybar, it’s about slowing down in our day-to-day lives and enjoying the simple act of going and getting a blowout.”

For more information on Drybar, visit www.drybarshops.com.

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