F3 Foods: Healthy Meals Delivered

F3 Foods, a web-based food company that delivers fresh, healthy, and delicious meals and snacks, makes eating healthy easy for anyone.


Are you too busy to prepare healthy meals or you simply don’t know how? F3 Foods takes away pretty much any excuse you might have for not eating healthy. They offer pre-made and pre-portioned healthy meals and deliver them right to your door.

The F3 Foods menu and meal plans were developed by Dr. Frank Comstock, M.D., a board certified weight loss specialist and the author of Anti-Aging 101. The F3 Foods menu is based on low glycemic index foods with benefits that are scientifically proven to boost energy, promote healthy weight loss, increase lean muscle mass, and reduce dangerous inflammation within the body. Their food is also free of preservatives, additives, sweeteners, and gluten. There is no need to carb count or calorie count on these plans. All you have to do is eat the food delivered to your door!


It’s very easy to start one of the F3 Foods meal plans. You simply go their website (F3Foods.com) and select a plan. Plan options include 3-day, 7-day and 28-day menus, with focuses on weight loss, Paleo diet, healthy lifestyle and detox. You then pick your meals and snacks from a variety of options, select a delivery date and pay online. The meals will be delivered to your door on the date you selected! The food is portioned into microwave safe dishes and ready to eat either as is or with just a minute or two of heating in the microwave.

To learn more about F3 Foods visit their website at F3Foods.com.

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  1. I would like to sign up for the diet plan.
    I live in Sonoita, Az where Mike Wystrach is from. Do you deliver there?
    I have been and am a patient of Frank Comstock.
    Await your reply.

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