How to Maintain Your Dog Between Grooming Appointments

Monthly grooming appointments are necessary to keep your dog clean and healthy, but there are things you can do to help make that groom last through the month. Our friends at Oh My Dog Boutique have given us some tips on how to maintain your dog between their grooming appointments.

1. Take off your dog’s collar if you are going to be inside the house for a while, or before bed. It will keep their skin from getting irritated and will reduce matting. However, if your dog needs to wear identification at all times, make sure they are wearing a soft or rolled collar. At OMD we recommend Ultrasuede from Susan Lanci or Mes Amis woven collars & leashes.

2. Brush regularly! It maintains your dog’s appearance (removes dirt, prevents tangling, distributes natural oils through the coat) but also allows the owner to check for fleas & ticks. Our recommendation with brushing is to make it a spa-like experience! Warm towels, gentle massages, and of course giving kisses are great ways to create a soothing atmosphere and special bonding time with your pup.

3. Brush their teeth, clean their eyes and ears daily. Dogs are prone to the same dental problems as us, such as tartar buildup, cavities, and gum disease. For teeth brushing, start with your pup sitting between your knees; then you can use both hands to brush from behind. First take baby steps… assume the brushing position and start with a head & neck massage. Add a little toothpaste to your finger and finger brush around your dogs teeth and gums. If your dog will allow you to, try a extra soft adult or kids tooth brush (depending on the size of your dog!

For more information about Oh My Dog Boutique, or to make a grooming appointment, visit ohmydogboutique.com.

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