Polestar Scottsdale Now Open at Scottsdale Fashion Square

Polestar, a Swedish premium electric car maker, has recently opened a new retail location, the Polestar Space, at Scottsdale Fashion Square. The new showroom features some of Polestar’s latest luxury models and opportunities to test drive.

The new retail location in Scottsdale is the first Polestar showroom in Arizona, giving locals the very first experience with the new EVs (electric vehicles). 

“We are excited to move Polestar Scottsdale into its permanent ‘Space’ within Scottsdale Fashion Square among some of the world’s leading luxury brands,” says Jason Church, chief operating officer of Courtesy Automotive Group, in a press release.

One of Polestar’s latest models, the Polestar 2, is currently being shown at the retail location, featuring a wide variety of customization options including two different motors and desert-friendly metal roof and glass options. The car is both electric and environmentally friendly. 

Each Polestar vehicle comes with the luxury of convenient service and maintenance. Owners who live within 150 miles of Polestar Scottsdale can have their vehicle picked up for service and returned home, and for those outside that perimeter, a Polestar technician will travel to you to make the repairs needed at your home. It offers a much-needed alternative for those with a busy schedule. 

Polestar Scottsdale is only the first of many locations in the United States; the Swedish company hopes to have as many as 35 new stores open during 2022 in the U.S. and Canada. The cars can already be found in foreign destinations such as Europe and Sweden, and now (luckily) here in the U.S. market too.  

To learn more about Polestar Scottsdale, visit polestar.com

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