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Scottsdale’s Desert Rain Hair Studio

Desert Rain Hair Studio, located in Scottsdale Salon Studios, is the city’s first private head spa. This immersive and therapeutic hair care experience specializes in head spa treatments, which prioritize the health and vitality of your scalp and hair.

Opened in October 2022, Desert Rain Hair Studio has become a relaxing and luxurious spa experience in the Valley. Owner Burgundy Hubert embarked on a journey to redefine hair and scalp care after her interest in this service as a hairstylist. After a year of owning her salon, she added the head spa treatment as an additional service.

As soon as you enter Desert Rain Hair Studio, all your worries and stresses are instantly whisked away. To start, you will undergo a hair analysis where you can see your scalp under a microscope. Hubert is extremely knowledgeable about scalp health and will answer any questions you have, as she has had extensive training in this service. From there, all guests will experience an exfoliating scalp scrub, soothing scalp foam and steam, hair tea and CO2 machine, hand and head massage, and scalp serum.

After the service is completed, you will again do a scalp analysis to compare the before and after. Depending on the head spa package, you will either leave in a wet braid or have a sleek blowout. Head spa services are available from 60 minutes to five hours, depending on your hair needs and amount of relaxation preferred. Hubert recommends a hair spa treatment every one to three months, depending on your scalp and hair.

Burgundy Hubert

Originating from the tranquil beauty rituals of Japan, a head spa is an exquisite journey to the roots of hair care—literally. This luxurious treatment is akin to a rejuvenating facial, but for your scalp, meticulously designed to cleanse the follicles of any buildup and lavishly replenish the scalp’s natural moisture. Imagine a sanctuary where your scalp is pampered with a series of nurturing treatments, each step tailored to revive and invigorate your skin’s health. But the benefits extend beyond cleanliness; a head spa session is a holistic experience that not only fosters robust hair growth but also ushers in a state of deep relaxation, potentially enhancing sleep quality. It’s an intimate escape into the world of self-care, where every touch and technique is a step towards a balanced, healthy scalp, laying the foundation for lustrous, vibrant hair.

Scalp health is often neglected in the US, yet it’s crucial for overall hair wellness. There is a need for specialized scalp care—a new and unique service that not only promotes good hygiene but is also therapeutic. Scalp health is vital as it’s the root of healthy hair. It influences hair growth, strength and shine. Maintaining a healthy scalp can prevent common issues like dryness, itchiness and hair thinning. The services at Desert Rain Hair Studio extend beyond beauty; they aim to restore the scalp’s natural harmony, ensuring both the scalp and hair thrive.

The salon is open by appointment only. To learn more or to book an appointment, visit www.vagaro.com/desertrainhs.

10401 N. Scottsdale Rd. Ste. 155
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

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