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Tommy Camper Vans Partners with Mercedes-Benz

Already considered the Valley’s top shop for custom camper vans, Tommy Camper Vans has announced a new partnership with Mercedes-Benz. The Phoenix business is now proudly a Mercedes-Benz certified master builder, offering customers the ability to build together through Mercedes-Benz’s financial services. Here, Mikey Rudman, founder of Tommy Camper Vans, discusses this exciting new partnership and what’s in store for this dynamic duo.

What makes Mercedes-Benz a standout name for camper vans? Mercedes-Benz stands out in the camper van market due to its established reputation for comfort and quality, extensive experience in vehicle manufacturing, strong emphasis on safety, and good resale value. Mercedes has a long-standing reputation for building high-quality vehicles with excellent engineering and craftsmanship. This reputation extends to its vans, which are often known for their durability and reliability, making them a trusted choice for adventurous travelers. These vans also tend to retain their value relatively well. This can be an attractive factor for potential buyers who see the camper van as a long-term investment. All of these factors contribute to making Mercedes-Benz a standout choice for individuals and families seeking a premium campervan experience.

Why is Mercedes-Benz a brand that Tommy Camper Vans (TCV) wanted to partner with? Tommy Camper Vans provides a high-quality, well-built van which pairs perfectly with the Mercedes Sprinter. The Sprinter comes with plentiful creature comforts from factory, and paired with a TCV build, the van becomes a perfect weekender or full-time home. You can rely on Mercedes to provide you with a high-quality van base to carry you through years of adventures.

What special amenities and features do TCV’s Mercedes vans offer? TCV Sprinters, in either 144-in. or 170-in. wheelbase options, house long stretches of butcher block countertops, a shower, a storage bench and a full-size bed. If chosen, flares can be added to the side of the Sprinter to make the bed space even wider. The exterior of each van features a custom roof rack, roof decking and ladder to access the solar panels on top. We have a standard for our builds; however, when customizing your Tommy Camper Van, you’re presented with several options on how to make it your own. Adding other exterior accessories, such as OWL Vans components, will provide the finishing touch to the Sprinter.

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Tell us about the TCV van on display at the Arrowhead dealership. Mercedes Arrowhead displays a Tommy Camper Vans Sprinter 144-in. with a custom layout. This van features a floor-to-ceiling cabinet for closet space, a reinforced bench that dually serves as storage and spare seating, a CFX 55 cooler-style refrigerator, flares for additional bed space, a Dometic RTX2000 A/C unit and a front MaxxAir fan. The TCV roof rack will accommodate custom solar panels, and the exterior of the van will be completed with a plethora of OWL accessories.

Is there a standard turnaround time for TCV‘s Mercedes camper vans? We are proud to complete each van in only three to four months from the date we receive the van at Tommy Camper Vans. During this timespan, the van will go through several build stages including paint, windows and floors, electrical roping, fabrication, cabinetry and then off to a final build team for the finishing carpentry.

To build or preorder your 2023 Mercedes-Benz in partnership with Tommy Camper Vans, visit

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