Unique Movie Theaters in Arizona

From the nostalgic drive-in experience at West Wind Drive-In to the historic charm of Fox Tucson Theatre, the following unique movie theaters in Arizona offer a place where cinema’s magic meets each locale’s distinctive character.

West Wind Drive-In  


Nestled in Glendale, West Wind Drive-In offers a nostalgic cinematic experience under the starlit Arizona sky. With its towering screens, this drive-in theater has been a community favorite for years, combining the allure of outdoor movie-watching with the convenience of modern technology. Families and friends gather in their cars, creating a communal atmosphere where the magic of movies meets the enchantment of open-air viewing. Pre-sale tickets to this unique movie theater in Arizona is $8.50 for general admission or $2 for children under 11. For more information, visit westwinddi.com.

The Loft Cinema


Unleash your inner cinephile at The Loft Cinema, an indie film haven in the heart of Tucson. Renowned for its eclectic programming, this nonprofit theater brings a curated selection of independent, foreign and blockbuster movies to its audience. The Loft Cinema fosters a sense of community, encouraging film enthusiasts to gather, discuss and appreciate the art of cinema in an intimate and engaging setting. Upcoming flicks include Poor Things, The Boy and the Heron and Mad Max: Fury Road. Tickets are $8 per adult, $7.50 per child or $6 for Loft members. For more information, visit loftcinema.org.

Fox Tucson Theatre

Fox Tucson Theatre


Step into a bygone era at Fox Tucson Theatre, a historic gem that seamlessly blends classic architecture with cutting-edge entertainment. Located in Downtown Tucson, this lavishly restored venue hosts a variety of events, including movie screenings, concerts and film festivals. As you revel in the opulence of the surroundings, Fox Tucson Theatre ensures that movie-watching becomes a truly regal experience, making every visit a journey through time. Ticket prices vary depending on the showing and must be purchased in person at the box office. For more information, visit foxtucson.com.

Elks Theatre and Performing Arts Center


Tucked away in the picturesque town of Prescott, Elks Theatre and Performing Arts Center stands as a testament to timeless elegance. Initially built in 1905, this historic venue has undergone meticulous restoration to preserve its architectural grandeur. Beyond hosting live performances, Elks Theatre occasionally screens movies, offering a unique blend of history and entertainment to audiences seeking a cultural retreat in the heart of Arizona’s high country. Admission prices vary but are commonly free depending on the event or film. For more information, visit prescottelkstheatre.org.

Pollack Tempe Cinemas

Pollack Tempe Cinemas


Experience a cinematic journey through time at Pollack Tempe Cinemas, a family-owned theater that pays homage to the golden age of movie palaces. Boasting a range of screens featuring new releases and beloved classics, this unique movie theater in Arizona provides a cozy and familiar atmosphere for moviegoers. Upcoming shows include The Shawshank Redemption, Sleeping Beauty, The Terminator and Killers of the Flower Moon. General admission is $3.50 per person. For more information, visit pollacktempecinemas.com.

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