Wonderspaces Arizona

What began as a pop-up artistic experience in California, Wonderspaces is now in its first permanent location in Arizona.

In Point of View, the first show at the Arizona location, thirteen artists explore how new perspectives expand our concept of the world. Through their art, they play with the definition of perspective, flip its rules, and present abstract and literal forms. Though the methods and media are all different, each artwork opens us up to the views of others.

SWEEPERS CLOCK by Maarten Baas

Sweepers Clock is a videotaped performance of two handymen sweeping trash for twelve hours. The film presents time in the format of a physical, labor-intensive process. It is a part of the series of films, Real Time, which are 12-hour performances indicating the time. 

BODY PAINT by Memo Akten

Photo by Amanda Schroeder 

Body Paint is a visual instrument which enables you to paint on a virtual canvas with your body. Playing on our natural instinct to express ourselves through movement and dance, Body Paint interprets our physical gestures into evolving compositions. The sensation of the piece is Body Paint is about interaction experience, captured through this motion and the energy of the body. 


Photo by Jack Mason-Brase 

Black Balloons is comprised of balloons with opposing weights. The artwork explores contradictions; lightness and heaviness, attraction and repulsion, materiality and immateriality. 


Photo by Victor Ren 

Daydream v.2 is an audiovisual installation that distorts space, blurring the lines between what is digital and what is real. The piece transports visitors into a new dimension, making them feel as if they are being teleported into another world. 

TRANSITION by Joost Jordens & Mike Von Rotz

Transition is a virtual reality experience based on the music of Kettel & Secede. A metaphor for death, Transition takes visitors on a journey from one world into the next. 


A Religious Experience connects the night sky and rays of light with spirituality, religion and all types of faith. It is an accurate depiction of the night sky. The Reliquaries, displayed adjacent to the installation, are captured rays of sunlight. 

While the artwork was derived from his own life, Adam encourages everyone to bring their own associations. He intends for the experience of A Religious Experience to be unique to every individual. 

SUBMERGENCE by Squidsoup

Photo by Adam Elmakias 

Submergence is an immersive installation comprised of 8,064 individual points of light that visitors can walk through. The lights continually change colors in correspondence to music. Submergence creates awe-inspiring feelings of movement within physical space. 

BLOOMS by John Edmark

Blooms are 3D-printed sculptures designed to animate when spun under a strobe light. The rotational speed and strobe light are synced to match the physical shape of the sculpture so that there is a flash each time the bloom turns 137.5 degrees. This amount is important because it is the rotational equivalent of Phi (aka the golden ratio). 

COME TOGETHER by Michael Murphy

Come Together is a symbol of power. The artwork depicts the raised fist of Michael Murphy’s girlfriend at the Women’s March in early 2018. 

DINNER PARTY by Angel Soto, Laura Wexler & Charlotte Stoudt

Photo by Peter Pascucci 

Dinner Party is a virtual reality film based on the story of Betty and Barney Hill, the couple who reported the first nationally known UFO abduction case in America in the 1960’s. The film takes the visitor through their abduction journey, which is a remarkably different experience for Betty and Barney. 

The installation is designed to replicate the atmosphere of a mid-century dinner party. Visitors watch the film in the communal environment of the dinner table but are isolated within the confines of a virtual reality headset. This juxtaposed viewing experience connects to the broader concepts of the film’s narrative.

SWEET SPOT by Shawn Causey & Mark Daniell

Sweet Spot is an immersive installation made of 19 miles of multicolor nylon string. Visitors activate the experience by moving; each new perspective reveals unique color harmonies. As visitors engage with the artwork and compare these perspectives, they find their preferred color relationships. The installation brings awareness to the act of seeing and looking. 

THE LAST WORD by Illegal Art

The Last Word is a private moment for visitors to write what has never been said. Hundreds of tightly rolled pieces of paper, dyed red on one end are placed white-side out on the wall. Participants remove one of the pieces of paper, write down their last word, and then replace the paper with the red side exposed. The public may write their own unfinished business or read how other people’s conversations might have ended. 

Tickets start are $17 for weekdays before 5pm and $24 for nights and weekends. There are military and student discounts available.

Learn more about Wonderspaces Arizona and purchase tickets at arizona.wonderspaces.com.

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