How to Organize the Perfect Laundry Room

It’s time for spring cleaning, and a room that often gets forgotten is the laundry room. We turned to organization expert and owner of NEAT Method Scottsdale, Mika Perry, for tips on how to organize the perfect laundry room.

Take Everything Out :: In Arizona, laundry rooms often also acts as the “mudroom” between the garage and the rest of the home, which can become a dumping ground for life’s miscellaneous items like kids’ items, party supplies, paperwork, shopping bags, and unused home decor. Remove everything out of the space, categorize items and assess what needs to be kept, and then place only those items back into the room to instantly create a more refreshed and purposeful space.


Assign a Place for Everything :: Use bins and baskets with labels to hold items like cleaning supplies, detergent, sewing supplies, shoes care, etc. Knowing where to find everything – and where to put things back – is the purpose of organization.


Invest in Fresh Accessories :: Make the space a bit more fun with neatly labeled jars for small items like clothespins and thread, or a pretty tray to corral items like scrub brush or loose change from pockets.


Think Outside the Box (or bottle!) :: Decant your laundry detergent into a tall glass dispenser with a spout, or if you use powder detergent place it into a large glass jar with a silver scoop. It creates a beautiful display on the countertop!


Go Luxe with Home Care Products :: Spring is a great time to refresh your cleaning supplies and home fragrances. Treat your space (and your wardrobe!) well with quality products that help maintain its beauty. We love The Laundress NYC, which make eco-friendly and luxurious cleaning, fabric care, and home fragrance products.


Looking for professional organizational help? Contact Mika Perry at [email protected].

Photo Credit: NEAT Method

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