West Interior Deco

West Interior Deco is a new interior design showroom located in Old Town Scottsdale, founded by Pierre Olivier.

The story of West Interior Deco begins 1 year ago in San Francisco. A native of Paris and inspired by great parents, Pierre Olivier began in the world of decoration at a very young age.

Adventurer, and curious by nature, Pierre Olivier traveled around the world drawing inspiration from various cultures for his professional experience.

One day, by chance, he decided to settle on the African continent where he met his wife Bann. The two married and had two 2 boys. Bann is from Cambodia and is complementary and indispensable to the success of the couple. Passionate about decoration she always keeps an eye open on all current trends.

Over the years, Pierre Olivier has surrounded himself with many connections in the world of architecture and decoration between France and Africa, and it is enriched by a considerable amount of professional experience. This led him to realize extraordinary projects on both continents.

Always in search of new challenges Pierre Olivier and his wife decided to try a new adventure. As Pierre Olivier says, “who does not try anything has nothing.”

They began their search in San Francisco 1 year ago, and after visiting and crossing the American West, they fell in love with Scottsdale.

“Modern and expanding, this city is full of extraordinary potential,” says Pierre Olivier.

Located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, the shop was a real crush for the couple.

“This is the Fabulous spot for us and WID represents a true quality work of European craftsman in a contemporary style,” says Pierre Olivier.

Learn more about West Interior Deco at interieur-deco.net.

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