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Food and drinks in Arizona including best restaurants.

Restaurant of the Week: ZuZu

ZuZu at Hotel Valley Ho is the hippest restaurant in Downtown Scottsdale offering an eclectic mix of a retro-chic ambiance paired with deliciously constructed colorful dishes assembled with locally grown ingredients. Every dish is truly a tasty piece of art for your palette.

Best Paleo-Friendly Restaurants in Phoenix

Paleo is a new dietary phenomenon consisting of only meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, fats, seeds and oils. That means grains and dairy are off the menu. Making paleo at home is simple but eating out can be a challenge. Here are five places in the valley to enjoy a paleo-friendly night out.

Best Patio Dining in Phoenix

With the weather at its peek of its splendor and the cool crisp air of autumn before us, now is the perfect time to sit out on the patio and enjoy a lovely meal surrounded by the comfort of one of Phoenix’s best restaurants.