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Weekend Warrior Recovery at Cerulean

Whether you are a runner, cyclist, competing in mud runs or just playing your favorite sport on the weekends, Cerulean Advanced Fitness and Wellness in Scottsdale has everything you need to recover those sore muscles!

Proper recovery is key to staying healthy and being able to do the things you love. Combining Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy, with the Sport Compression Therapy, you will decrease downtime and speed up recovery! Both of these modalities help increase circulation, decrease inflammation and swelling as well as reduce muscle soreness.

First time Cerulean guests can take advantage of unlimited Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy for one week for $150 (regularly $75 per session). Mention you are a Fabulous Arizona reader and you will ALSO receive unlimited Sport Compression Therapy and Cellular Repair Therapy for that week for no additional charge!


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To book an appointment, call 480.362.3622 or visit the facility at 9150 E Del Camino, #101, Scottsdale, Arizona 85258.

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