Fabulous Designer: Jenine Nerecina

Each week we will be highlighting one of the fabulous emerging designers from Phoenix Fashion Week 2016. This week, meet Jenine Nerecina, fashion designer of Cosmogyral, which is described as luxury attire designed for the wanderlust in you.

jenine-nerecina-cosmogyral-headshotHometown: Manila, Philippines

First fashion job: Cosmogyral is technically my first fashion job! I started my brand a year before graduating. I’m still figuring out a lot about how the business works.

When did you know you had a passion for fashion: When I was 7, my grandmother taught me how to sew and I started creating clothing for my Barbie dolls.

Person who has impacted your life the most: My grandparents has always been an inspiration to me. They raised me and taught me to go after whatever I wanted. They have always been supportive throughout my journey of becoming a designer.

Your biggest fashion accomplishment in your eyes: Graduating from fashion school! I went to a pricey private university in LA and didn’t ask anyone for a penny. I love the fact that I can truly say I got through school by myself.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: Coming up with finances every season! It’s been tough in my first year of business, but I somehow pull through each season and find ways to get funds for the next season. It makes me realize that when you REALLY want something, you can make it happen through willpower.

A Designer who inspires you: The designers who inspire me the most are the ones who truly build their brand from ground up. These designers show me that I can do the same if I work hard and stay motivated, I can do it too.

Favorite quote: “The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.”

Advice to someone pursuing a career in fashion as a designer: Learn about marketing and the business aspect of fashion. Take an extra class, workshop, or seminar because most design schools do not teach this.

Favorite piece you have ever designed: This gown has a special place in my heart.. I remember fitting this on 7 models and it just wasn’t fitting anyone right! I also didn’t have time to alter it because we were crunched on time. The girls felt uncomfortable because of the very low neckline. Two days before the show, we had a final fitting and one of my favorite models showed up. She tried on the gown and it fit her PERFECTLY. We had her walk and she worked it! I can tell she loved it and felt confident in it.

I chose this gown as my finale piece for the show. As soon as she walked out, dragging that 10 foot embellished train, all eyes were on her and all I saw were flashes from cameras and cellphones. It was a jawdropping moment I will never forget.


For more information about Cosmogyral, visit

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