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Fabulous Designer: Alexis Williams

Phoenix Fashion Week, the leading fashion industry event in the Southwest, returns Oct. 20 and Oct. 21 at Chateau Luxe. Meet participating designer Alexis Williams of Aloha Glamour, the only Afrowaaian Cultured Fashion brand in the world.

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Hometown: Gulfport, Mississippi

Your first fashion job: Founder, Aloha Glamour

How would you describe your style, personally and as a brand? I would describe my style and personality as a fusion of timeless elegance, cultural appreciation, vibrancy, inclusivity and creativity. It’s a brand that not only offers beautiful fashion but also tells a story of global exploration and celebration.

When did you know you had a passion for fashion? In the midst of my grief and a profound need to improve my mental health, I stumbled upon a transformative journey that would become my lifelong passion for fashion. Amidst the storm of emotions, I found solace and inspiration in the vibrant colors and intricate patterns that Hawaiian and African cultures offered. These cultures, with their rich tapestry of traditions and visual storytelling, became my sanctuary. They taught me the powerful language of self-expression through clothing, allowing me to heal and rediscover myself. With every design I create, I pay homage to the therapeutic beauty of these cultures, infusing my creations with the healing essence of their colors and patterns. My journey in fashion is not just about aesthetics; it’s a testament to the remarkable ability of clothing to mend the soul. It’s a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit, and it’s an everlasting commitment to power others on their own journeys toward mental health and self-discovery through the transformative power of fashion. 

Your biggest fashion accomplishment so far and why? My most significant fashion achievement to date has been receiving a grant of $10,000 from the NAACP and the one and only Beyoncé within the same week that I was featured on as a small business in Mississippi to watch. This remarkable sequence of events stands as the pinnacle of my fashion career, and for several compelling reasons. The dual accomplishment represents the realization of my fashion aspirations on both a personal and societal level. It has invigorated my commitment to fashion as a force for positive change and has set a new standard for the impact I hope to continue making in the world of fashion and beyond.

The biggest obstacle you overcame? Mississippi, while rich in its own cultural heritage, has not traditionally been a the forefront of the fashion and cultural innovation scene. This historical backdrop presented me with the dual challenge of pioneering a cultural movement within a community that, for the most part, had yet to fully embrace the depth and diversity of global cultures. Being the change I want to see has indeed been a formidable undertaking. It meant challenging the status quo, breaking through stereotypes, and opening hearts and minds to the beauty and significance of cultural diversity through fashion. It often felt like pushing against the tide, but I was unwavering in my belief that Mississippi, too, could be a hub for cultural expression and fashion excellence. Mississippi is not just my home but also a canvas upon which I continue to paint the vibrant colors of culture, fashion, reshaping its narrative one stitch at a time.

A designer who inspires you and why? The iconic Betsey Johnson. Her fearless use of bold and unexpected colors breathes life into her creations, infusing with them a sense of energy and excitement that is simply infectious. Her willingness to break free from the constraints of traditional color palettes has always been a bold move that inspires me to push the boundaries of my own creativity. Equally remarkable is her innovative approach to design. She’s a true pioneer when it comes to pushing the envelope in fashion. Her whimsical and unconventional designs, characterized by their playful asymmetry, unique silhouettes, and unexpected details, have an innate ability to captivate and surprise.

Advice for someone pursuing a career in fashion as a designer? To those embarking on the exhilarating journey of a career in fashion as a designer, I offer this heartfelt advice:

  1. Cultivate Your Unique Voice: In a world of trends and styles, your unique perspective is your greatest assets. Don’t be afraid to stand out.
  2. Learn Continuously: Fashion is an ever-evolving field. Stay curious and open to learning. Take courses, sign up for Designer Bootcamp.
  3. Intern and Network: Building connections in the fashion industry is invaluable.
  4. Embrace Constructive Criticism: Feedback, even when it’s tough to hear, is a steppingstone to growth.
  5. Passion and Patience: Fashion is a labor of love. Stay passionate about your craft and be patient with yourself.

Remember, your journey in fashion design is not about just creating beautiful clothing; it’s about telling stories, evoking emotions and leaving your mark on the world. Stay true to your vision, and let your passion drive you towards the incredible possibilities that await in the fashion world. 

What can fans expect to see from your collection in October? Picture this: a runway adorned with radiant models showcasing our exquisite clothing and accessories, each piece meticulously designed to make you feel like the true trendsetter you are. The 2023 “Married to the Culture” collection by Aloha Glamour aims to celebrate and blend diverse cultural influences, creating a harmonious fusion of styles and traditions. The intent behind the theme is to showcase the beauty of cultural diversity and emphasize the power of unity through fashion. I envision the audience taking away a renewed appreciation for different cultures, as well as inspire you to embrace diversity in your own lives. The collections success will be marked by its ability to spark conversations about cultural inclusivity and leaving a lasting impression of beauty that can emerge when different cultures come together.

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