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Audrey Martinez is the Founder and President of Audrey’s Chia Cookies. Audrey’s Chia Cookies was created after Audrey discovered the mighty chia seed while training for a marathon, and quickly became a true believer in its superfood power. By adding these nutrient-dense seeds to her crispy cookies, she created a snack that will fuel the body and satisfy cravings for a sweet, indulgent treat. Learn more about Audrey Martinez…

Hometown:  Arizona native, currently living in Mesa

First Job:  My first job as an adult was a bookkeeper for my father-in-law, who was a pharmacist, at his drugstore in historic downtown Mesa.

Favorite AZ restaurant:  Pizzeria Bianco, the food is amazing, and the pizza is over the top! I love that the ingredients are premium and locally sourced. I also love the “feel good” atmosphere, whether your seated indoors or out. 

Person who has impacted your life the most: My husband, Randy. High school sweethearts, we’ve been married for 35 years and have been together for 38.  He’s super smart, super creative, funny and generous.  He’s a huge support and part of why I’m so grateful for my life. 

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes:  Being the mother of two incredibly smart, successful and beautiful human beings is my greatest accomplishment.  Knowing that my kids have all the traits, character and capability of making a positive impact on the world makes me incredibly happy. Just the mere thought of my kids brings me more joy than I can express and what better accomplishment can there be than that?

The biggest obstacle you have overcome:  Standing up after falling down.  As an entrepreneur there may be times when a venture does not work out and you have to muster up the strength to keep a grip on your faith and confidence and keep believing in yourself.  It’s a good feeling to stand up, keep walking and enjoy the journey. 

Someone who inspires you:  There are far too many to list, but keeping it in the family and from the beginning – my mother and my father-in-law inspire me (both have now passed away). My mother was an example and model of pure love and strength. My father passed away when I was five and my mother raised 5 kids on her own.  She was fearless, resourceful and made me feel unconditionally loved.  She sacrificed to give her children the best life she possibly could – and for that I am deeply grateful and still hold her love with me today. My father-in-law was an entrepreneur who showed strength, love and generosity. He always held a peaceful composure – he was a true inspiration. 

Favorite quote:  I love, love quotes and definitely cannot pick only one favorite, but at this time, I will say: “You’re imperfect and you’re wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.”  Brene Brown

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do:   This may sound cliche’ but seriously….never give up.  The path will unfold along the way. Treat your goal like a maze.  Keep going until you find the open door. Persistence is key.

What you think makes someone fabulous:  First and foremost, KINDNESS – definitely kindness. I would also say charity in any form that works for you. 

Audrey’s Chia Cookies are available at over 200 stores nationwide including Fry’s, Sprouts, AJ’s Fine Foods and a selection of specialty retailers. Get more information at


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