Fabulous People: Kellie M. Warren


Who is Kellie M. Warren?

Kellie M. Warren, Psy.D. grew up in the Midwest and is the Chief Executive Officer of Florence Crittenton Services of Arizona.

What is Kellie M. Warren’s story?

Growing up in Ohio, Kellie was part of an amazing, encouraging family that extended to aunts, uncles, and lots of cousins. Her maternal grandmother instilled in Kellie her ideals of faith, family and values, which included a major emphasis on education. Her parents and close-knit circle of extended family taught her selflessness, togetherness, and sharing. Through that process, Kellie learned the intrinsic rewards of serving others. Since her youngest years, she always aspired to be a dancer/actress; but the starving artist concept wore very thin and would never support her passion for fabulous shoes. During her adolescent years, she was involved in community groups where she held many leadership roles. At that time in her life, Kellie learned the importance of providing a voice to youth during one of the most misunderstood times of their development. Once Kellie finished with school, she naturally gravitated toward a career serving at-risk youth and other vulnerable populations.

Kellie says, “I absolutely love the mission of Florence Crittenton. The work I do here resonates with my personal philosophy and core values. I feel very purpose-driven and, surprisingly to most, the girls do more for me than I can ever do for them.”

Kellie M. Warren’s future dream?

Kellie says her future plans are simple. “I want to continue to have a purpose and to serve others while remembering all the while to take time to ‘smell the roses,’ laugh, and enjoy the precious gift of life.”

What makes Kellie M. Warren fabulous?

When we asked Kellie what she thinks makes someone fabulous, she said people who possess purpose, strength, selflessness, kindness, and humility. “They learn to walk tall in their own shoes while taking the time to bend down throughout the journey to lift someone else up,” she said. Kellie is obviously all of these things, as she pours her heart and soul into helping people through her job at Florence Crittenton.

Kellie M. Warren’s Favorite Quote?

“If your mind can conceive it, if your heart believes it, you can achieve it.” – Muhammad Ali



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