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Fab Educators

As the saying goes, not all heroes wear capes. That is especially true for teachers. Especially during an unprecedented year of virtual and hybrid learning, these Arizona educators are standouts when it comes to ensuring that their students have the brightest futures possible.

Joe Reynolds Skyline Productions

Fabulous People: Joe Reynolds

As the owner and creative director of Phoenix’s Skyline Productions, Joe Reynolds’ career has taken him around the globe. He even says that he could write a book on all the adventures he has had with his longtime high-def video production company, which opened in 1991.


Fabulous People: Chad Nikkel

Chad Nikkel is the President / CEO of Aquaman Pools, LLC and Aqua Touch Pool Purification. Aqua Touch Pool Purification literally takes thousands of gallons of pool water out of a backyard pool, purifies it and filters the same, (now clean) water back in.


Fabulous People: Sarah Merkle

Sarah Merkle is an author, health coach, yoga teacher, and motivational speaker on a mission to transform lives. She is the owner and founder of Zen4, a company that helps organizations achieve their full growth potential by providing Connected Employee Solutions.


Fabulous People: Ahmad Harb

Ahmad Harb, at just 24 years old, is the founder of ExecutiveStyles, a premier lifestyle and haircare brand that has been the official haircare sponsor of several of the largest and most prestigious fashion events in the nation, including LA Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and our very own local Phoenix Fashion Week.