Restaurant of the Week: Chantico

Phoenix’s newest restaurant, Chantico, celebrates the diversity of Mexican cuisine and culture through its unique aesthetic and menu offerings—with much of it actually drawing on inspiration from Mexico City itself.

The restaurant and bar is the latest concept from the team behind other Valley favorites like the Sidecar Social Club and Ocotillo, as well as Scottsdale gem, Starlite BBQ. 

Located at the corner of 11th Street and Camelback in Phoenix, Chantico offers a distinct casual dining experience achieved through the design blend of native desert flora with modern architecture. Beyond maintaining a beautiful aesthetic, the indoor/outdoor concept also boasts plenty of COVID-friendly seating space, and a cozy patio area that offers a front row seat to Phoenix’s bustling downtown culture. 


Chantico’s cuisine is inspired by the incredible abundance of ingredients found throughout Mexico—and the restaurant perfectly blends old and new culinary staples through its eclectic offerings.

Some of the top menu items include refreshing favorites like the Sikil p’ak salad—made up of butter and gem lettuce, spicy pumpkin seed dip, pomegranate, raw vegetables and citrus-agave vinaigrette—and the Big Eye Tuna Ceviche—a unique and gluten-free take on the beloved dish that’s composed of tomato, cucumber, scallion, lime, serrano and cilantro, all served in a fresh coconut.

As for drinks, Chantico boasts an extensive selection of whiskey, tequila and mezcal options—including the Arizona-based Mezcal Carreño. 


Other cocktail items like the Unicorn Tears—a decadent tequila concoction which includes flavors of aloe, prickly pear, agave, cucumber bitters, 12 citrus and lava salt—and the Bebida Verde—made with mezcal, cilantro syrup, citrus and chile dust—round out a diverse drink menu that’s as distinct as the restaurant itself.

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