5 Gift Ideas for the Gluten-Free Person in Your Life

So many times I’m offered a bite of delicious warm bread at a table and my dining companion remembers, “Oh wait, you can’t, I’m sorry.” Even though we gluten-free peeps miss the days of being “normal,” the fact that someone remembered is thoughtful. In fact, remembering someone is gluten free when giving a gift is probably the best feeling ever because it is such a big part of life. With that said, here are gift ideas for the gluten-free friend in your life.

BEG Bakery

Gluten-Free Treats 

While baking someone a holiday treat from scratch is a thoughtful gesture, some people are so sensitive that even a shared kitchen can be harmful to their digestion. So it’s best to secure the goods from a certified gluten-free source. Some local options include Jewel’s Bakery & Cafe, Spooky’s Swirls and BEG Bakery. But if you’re looking to send treats to someone in a different city, a few fan favorites that ship include Baked by Melissa, Karma Baker and Posh Pop Bakeshop

A Gluten Sensor Kit

Dining out can be difficult for non-gluten eaters. A menu may say an item is gluten free but the threat of cross contamination from a kitchen utensil, fryer or gloves leave us praying that whoever is preparing our food took the necessary precautions. A gluten sensor kit can give that peace of mind. NIMA Partners makes a sensor starter pack that you can place a piece of food inside and it will tell you if it detects gluten or not. Brilliant!

Tickets to the Celiac Cruise

A dream trip for us gluten-intolerant people is a strictly gluten-free excursion. Look no further than Celiac Cruise! It is a 100 percent gluten-free cruise sailing on Royal Caribbean International or AmaWaterways to the Caribbean, Alaska or Europe. This is the epitome of worry-free travel, at least when it comes to digestion. 

Picazzo's Healthy Italian Kitchen

Restaurant Gift Certificates

If you know your gluten-free friend has a favorite restaurant, a good standby is always a gift certificate so they can dine out with no worries. Picazzo’s, Intentional Foods and Flower Child are a few of my favorite gluten-free restaurants in Phoenix.

Gluten-Free Merch

Who doesn’t love a cheeky shirt or sticker, announcing to the world that you’re gluten free? You can find many products like this on Amazon and Etsy. My personal favorites include: “I tolerate a lot of things but not gluten” and “My buns are gluten free.”

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