Author: Ali Dugaw

9 Spots for Gluten-Free Sushi

Tempura batter and wheat-based soy sauce can pose a challenge for gluten-free sushi lovers. Thankfully, there are several Valley sushi restaurants that specialize in catering to the gluten-free community.

earth day in arizona

Earth Day Events

With more than one billion participants annually, Earth Day is the largest civic observance worldwide. From hiking and biking to making flower crowns and drinking wine, check out these nine Earth Day events in Arizona.


March Madness in Arizona

The NCAA men’s basketball season will crown a champion at Glendale’s State Farm Stadium on Monday, April 8, and there will be no shortage of local spots to catch the games leading up to the championship.

true food kitchen summer spread

True Food Kitchen

Nothing quite captures the essence of summertime as effectively as a classic barbecue, featuring succulent chicken, golden corn and juicy watermelon. The seasonal menu at True Food Kitchen reimagines these nostalgic favorites with new dishes that combine many of summer’s most bountiful flavors in peak season.  


Drink Me! Tea Room

A love for tea isn’t required to enjoy a tea party at Drink Me! Tea Room in Tempe but an appreciation for gluten-free and plant-based treats is a must. The allergy-friendly tea room promises a safe experience for both those with Celiac disease and vegans.