Create Space Studio Brings Sound Healing & Vibrational Balance to Tempe

With the overload of information that exists in our digitally-driven world, it can be especially difficult blocking out external noises and tuning into our own thoughts. But Rev. Cheryl Sosnowski, B.Msc, MMT—a certified sound healer and the owner of Tempe’s Create Space Studio—is using sound to actually help people refocus their mindset and discover a vibrational-based balance.

Sound healing is a wellness practice that relies on the use of sacred instruments to release “energetic blockages” and induce a more harmonic state within the body. Since the human body is primarily composed of water—and naturally, water can be an effective vibration conductor—these sound vibrations are believed to help promote rejuvenating, circular effects. 

While the practice dates back centuries, Sosnowski has relied on her personal experiences with trauma and meditation to introduce a more individual approach to the healing technique into the Valley.

“Sound science is an ancient practice that goes back thousands of years. And while there’s a lot of information about it that’s already existed, so much of it is still a mystery,” says Sosnowski. “To me, sound healing is as much about the science as it is about the spiritual. And I think that sound is one of the most profound ways to catapult someone’s consciousness.”

For Sosnowski, her journey with wellness and sound healing began long before she dove into the space for a full-time career. While she spent much of her teens moving in and out of group foster homes, she has fond childhood memories of living in the mountains and experiencing the “magical” properties of music through her mother and step-father—who were both musicians.

As she grew into adulthood—and confronted many of the same stresses she navigated through adolescence—Sosnowski leaned into meditation bootcamps, silent retreats and mindfulness schools to make sense of her emotions, all before eventually becoming a certified mindfulness trainer from UCLA.

“I just threw myself into all of it and now it’s my passion, as it really involves the sciences that I love. I love data and research, and the effects that you can experience through this form of meditation are just so profound. There’s not a person alive who does not respond to sound and music,” says Sosnowski. 

And as more unconventional healing alternatives are coming to the forefront of mainstream wellness culture, sound healing is proving to be one of the most unique, yet surprisingly effective. As the frequency of the sound (echoed through the sound bowls or “chakras”) synchronizes with the brainwaves, it helps to activate the body’s built-in relaxation response. 

The technique has been credited for having the ability to calm even the most stressed-out characters—for those who have struggled with seeing the benefits of traditional meditation, sound healing will surely be the solution to send you into a deeply relaxed state.

“For me, it’s so special getting to offer effortless meditation and stress relief to people who can’t meditate, don’t know how to meditate, or find that meditating leaves them more stressed out than it was when they sat down to meditate.”

Create Space Studio, which opened in December, boasts a number of different options for sound healing sessions. In one-on-one sessions, Sosnowski works with clients to diagnose their individual needs and what specific areas they need to work on—whether that’s emotional or physical. 

Create Space Studio also hosts weekly sound healing classes on Saturday morning from 8 to 9 a.m., where attendees can simply lay down, close their eyes, listen to the rejuvenating sounds (created by tools like Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Alchemy Bowls, drums, chimes, gongs, rain sticks, and tuning forks, among others), and embrace the healing, relaxing vibrations. 

Sosnowski values accessibility and offers the class in-person at Create Space Studio or via Zoom. Those who attend the session in person are encouraged to bring a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket along with them. Advanced registration is required; cost is $30 for an in-person spot and $11 on Zoom.

Create Space Studio is located at 2125 S. 48th Street, Suite 104, Tempe. For more information and to register, call 602.975.0555 or visit

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