Fabulous People: Patrick Doyle


Who is Patrick Doyle?

Arizona native Patrick Doyle is the Executive Chef of BlueFire Grille at Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas.

What is Patrick Doyle’s story?

Right out of high school Patrick was looking for the direction he wanted to take his life. He had a friend working at a local restaurant at that time that needed a pizza cook. When he went in for his interview, the manager had him cook 150 pizzas that night and he was hired! This was his first experience in a professional kitchen, although he had been cooking his entire life.

Patrick’s parents brought two extremely different cultures into their home growing up. His mom is Mexican and his dad is Irish, so the fusion in his house couldn’t be more extreme. Fortunately it allowed him to try his hand at cooking different types of food. Growing up with a Mexican mother, they usually ate Mexican food during the week and American on the weekends. But his favorite dishes to cook are traditional enchiladas and mole. That’s part of what brought the southwest inspired take on the brand new menu at the BlueFire Grille. He wanted to bring his passion for the southwestern culture to the table of everyone who enters the restaurant.

After his stint as a pizza chef, his cooking adventure took a detour when he took a job in the car industry, although he never stopped cooking. Eventually, Patrick returned to the professional kitchen as a chef at ASU West, then ultimately found his way into the kitchen at the Arizona Biltmore.

He spent 17 years in the kitchen at the Biltmore before taking the lead as executive chef at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas, BlueFire Grille. He couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the recent refresh of the restaurant and menu. The menu will provide a sequence of culture and comfort food with a dedication to local ingredients.

Patrick Doyle’s future dream?

Patrick’s future dream would be to own his own restaurant. He knows a lot of people do that, but he would want to do it right, and do it for good. He pictures a 40 seater, successful restaurant where he would serve Southwest-Sonoran inspired flavors focused on the classics he loves.

What makes Patrick Doyle fabulous?

When we asked Patrick what he thinks makes someone fabulous, he said honesty, patience, persistence and tenacity. “I look to these characteristics when trying to make myself a better person and chef.” When we met Patrick we were very impressed with his friendliness and professionalism and the food he serves up at BlueFire Grille was equally as impressive.

Patrick Doyle’s Favorite Quote?

“People change when the pain not to change exceeds the pain to change.”

For more information about BlueFire Grille, visit hiltonscottsdalevillas.com.

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