haunted tours in Phoenix

5 Haunted Tours to Take This Halloween

It’s time to embrace spooky season in Phoenix, where the city’s hidden secrets and spine-tingling tales await discovery. Whether you’re a fearless ghost chaser or an aficionado of true crime, check out five haunted tours in Phoenix to experience this Halloween season.

[Tours are offered year-round unless otherwise noted.]

Haunted Phoenix Pub Crawl Ghost Tour 

Settle into Spirit of Arizona Tours’ 14-passenger bus and immerse yourself in a three-hour journey through the paranormal inside three of Phoenix’s most haunted pubs. These establishments are steeped in legend, where eerie tales of supernatural sightings and unexplained phenomena have unfolded. Drinks inside each pub aren’t included, but guests are welcome to bring their own food and beverage on the tour bus.
Cost: $69.
For more information: www.spiritofarizonatours.com.

Phoenix Ghosts: Phantoms, Psychopaths & Poltergeists Tour

For those who prefer to be on foot, Phoenix Ghosts offers two walking tours of the enigmatic history and tragic tales that shroud Downtown Phoenix’s iconic buildings. The tours are designed to cater to guests of all ages, providing a captivating blend of creepy history, architecture and mystery. One tour makes eight stops leading guests on a one-mile, one-hour journey. For those craving a deeper dive into the city’s spectral lore, an extended tour covers 1.5 miles over 90 minutes, with 12 stops of hair-raising tales. Pets are welcome as long as they do not disrupt the tour. 
Cost: $25.
For more information: www.phoenixghosts.com.

Orpheum Theatre

Orpheum Theatre Haunted History Tour

Orpheum Theatre is a landmark renowned as one of the Valley’s most haunted structures and you’ll learn why on this one-hour haunted tour in Phoenix, which takes place Oct. 20, Oct. 21, Oct. 27 and Oct. 28. The journey commences in the grand lobby, where you’ll delve into the mysteries that have left visitors pondering questions such as “Who is Maddie?,” “Why does Harry Nace persist in welcoming guests?” and “What lingers in the basement dressing rooms?” This tour is suitable for ages 12 and up. For those seeking a more intense encounter with the paranormal, the 90-minute Lights Out Investigation Tour is led by a team of seasoned paranormal experts from AZ Paranormal Investigation & Research Society. Both tours require standing for extended periods of time, climbing stairs and sitting in the dark. 
Cost: $25.
For more information: www.orpheumphx.com.

Murders and Mysteries True Crime Tour 

Venture into the darker side of Phoenix with this enthralling three-hour expedition to eight sites related to the city’s most chilling and unsettling murders. Spirit of Arizona Tours’ expert storytellers and historians unravel the spine-tingling narratives that have left an indelible mark on Phoenix’s history. Guests are welcome to bring their own food and beverage on the 14-passenger tour bus.
Cost: $64.
For more information: www.spiritofarizonatours.com.

Phoenix Boo Trail Express 

Short on time but eager for thrills? The brand-new Phoenix Boo Trail Express from Spirit of Arizona Tours is a one-hour immersive tour that uncovers the secrets and eerie tales of the town. Delve into the city’s history, explore haunted locations and discover the chilling stories that have lingered through time. The tour is led by a certified Arizona historian and guests are welcome to bring their own food and beverage on the 14-passenger tour bus.
Cost: $40.
For more information: www.spiritofarizonatours.com.

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