How to Keep Your Fitness Goals

Have a NO EXCUSES policy with yourself!


We are already halfway through March, how are you doing with your goals and New Year’s resolutions? Did you know, that by now most people have already started to fall off the wagon and back into their old habits? Why is that? Well the truth is, most of us set goals that are too BIG for us. We get so gung-ho surrounding a new year that we set all of these lofty and unrealistic goals. For example, if you haven’t been to the gym in years, months or even weeks, you probably don’t want to set a goal of going 6 days per week starting out. If you weren’t going at all, 6 days is too much of a change to seem natural or attainable. You’re setting yourself up for failure and we don’t want to disappoint ourselves. A more realistic goal might be to start out smaller. Try setting a goal of going 2-3 times per week for the first month and then increasing your days per week as you go and as you feel capable. Honestly if you haven’t been in a while you’ll probably end up being really sore from your workouts which could throw you off track from a big goal like 6 days per week.

As the year goes by, life will happen, things will come up and sometimes we just lose motivation. I always tell my clients to never forget WHY you started. What made you want to change in the first place? Write it down and post it somewhere that you will see it every day like your bathroom mirror. Also, consider hiring a trainer, if you are new to everything or you have not worked with a trainer before, chances are you could be in the gym doing what you think is best for your goals, but you could be spinning your wheels. Trainers are also great for accountability purposes, especially until it becomes a lifestyle change it could really help to have that appointment. If you find the gym intimidating, find a workout buddy to go with you, this could also help with accountability as long as you are both committed to keeping each other accountable.

I strongly believe that we have to make time for new healthy habits and if we let ourselves, we will always figure out a reason that we don’t have time. Try to have a “no excuses policy” with yourself, be able to call yourself on your own b.s.! When you feel like you are falling out of your new routine, ask yourself “why?” What has become more important, and maybe it is time to reassess your goals and priorities. It is okay to do this all the time. Summer is coming, and a lot quicker here in Fab AZ than the rest of the world. If you are finding it tough to make it to the gym try this fun at home HIIT workout, it can be done anywhere and with no equipment. Remember, no excuses!!!

HIIT Workout: (All you need is the timer on your phone!)

1 minute jumping jacks
1 minute mountain climbers
1 minute jump squats
20 regular squats
20 push-ups (can be done on your knees)
20 plie squats
20 leg lifts
1 minute bicycle crunches
1 minute plank
10 burpees
Repeat whole circuit 3x

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