Medical Grade PRP vs. Test Tube PRP

UGlow Face & Body in Old Town Scottsdale offers cutting-edge, regenerative Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for its exclusive PRP Glow Facial.

Unlike “test tube” PRP, UGlow’s advanced system allows the pros to create medical-grade PRP. Medical-grade PRP has three and a half times the number of platelets than traditional “test tube” PRP, making it 95 percent more effective—giving clients significantly more dramatic anti-aging results. The PRP is infused 4mm into the dermis in the latest, break-through transdermal infusion technology. The regenerative, medical-grade PRP can also be injected as well as applied topically. UGlow Aesthetics is the only provider in Arizona that offers this regenerative, aesthetic procedure. In addition to the PRP Glow facial, UGlow Aesthetics offers PRP injections as well as a PRP  “topper” to most of their skin rejuvenation treatments.


PRP has been popular for years to regenerate new tissue and heal injuries to tendons, ligaments and muscles in sports medicine and orthopedic treatments. Now, UGlow Aesthetics is able to use the same medical-grade PRP for aesthetic treatments as a way to rebuild collagen, regenerate new skin tissue, thicken the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The PRP Glow Facial is one of the most effective, and advanced, ways to rejuvenate aging skin and achieve more youthful, glowing skin. PRP treatments are considered safe and natural since it utilizes the platelets from your own body. There’s no downtime, and it works on all skin types and nearly every skin condition.

Before & After PRP Glow Facial

UGlow Aesthetics is a woman-owned and -operated medspa that focuses on results. In order to provide the most dramatic (nonsurgical) results possible, it offers treatments (and customized treatment plans) that can’t be found anywhere else in Arizona. In addition to being the exclusive provider of the JetPeel Infusion Facial and VKMD Chemical Peels, UGlow is the Arizona training center for both VKMD and PDO Threads. Collectively, the team has 36 years of experience in the aesthetic industry and has performed well over 100,000 treatments. 

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