Ohm Fitness Announces Expansion Across Arizona

After finding great success with its first Scottsdale location, Ohm Fitness is excited to announce that 35 new sites are slated to open in Arizona within the next three years. 

Ohm Fitness offers a unique high-tech fitness experience where guests have the opportunity to wear an EMPower Suit while participating in a typical workout. The electro muscle stimulation (EMS) technology in the suit gives participants the benefits of completing an intense two-hour training in just 25 minutes. 

“Every person we’ve introduced to the concept is immediately blown away, and that has led to some very early franchise interest,” says Melissa DiGianfilippo, an Ohm Fitness area developer, in a press release. 

EMPower Suits

Unlike most high-intensity workouts, the EMPower Suit does not impair joints, ligaments and muscles; instead, it has been linked to positive health benefits, including research-based effects on the body like fat loss, healthy skin, improved energy, improved stress and anxiety levels, muscle strength and helping to alleviate acute, chronic pains.

Memberships at Ohm Fitness include a variety of packages to get you started, including the Warm Up package, a four-class bundle for $90 a month; the Turn Up with 12 classes for $250 per month; or the Peak class bundle, featuring 20 classes for $360 monthly, to name a few. 

Arizona is the first in the nation to experience this incredible technology and is slated to have 35 more locations pop up all over the state within the next three years. In the meantime, guests can visit the Scottsdale location on Thompson Peak, which is open daily. 

To learn more about Ohm Fitness, visit ohmfitness.com.

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