Original Chopshop Co. Opens in Scottsdale

The Original Chopshop Co., which opened in Old Town Scottsdale in February, has quickly become a hot spot for those seeking healthy eats that are both quick and affordable.


The menu at Chopshop Co. includes a variety of chopped salads (the Kale Caesar Salad with Chicken is a Fab AZ favorite!), sandwiches on whole wheat, low-carb bread and protein plates served with roasted vegetables and forbidden rice. There are also fresh pressed juices, protein shakes, coffee, tea and fresh lemonade.


In addition to the main menu items, there are many healthy snacks such as protein bars, kale chips, dark chocolate bars and more.

Attention to little details is something Fab AZ loves about Chopshop Co. For example, the cold ice water flavored with fresh fruit or veggies (cucumber, lemon, lime, orange or some variation of those) is an appreciated touch.

So who thought of such an ingenious concept? It all started when two of the owners, Ryan and Chad, decided to buy the venue with plans of opening a late night diner. Both of them became extremely busy, so they handed the project off to Caitlin Bridge – a vibrant, young, health conscious person, who felt like – what is now ChopShop Co. – was exactly what Scottsdale was missing. With that in mind, she wanted to create a place that made healthy eating convenient, but also catered to those who craved something tasty.


Another important element of Original ChopShop Co. is their convenient hours, providing breakfast to early risers and dinner for those with non-traditional eating hours, such as the service industry who make up a large population Old Town Scottsdale.

This fast-casual dining concept is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with options for catering and delivery as well.

For more information and to view the complete menu, visit chopshopco.com.

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