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PetSmart Launches Designer Collection For Pets with Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent

When it comes to brands that truly care about the well-being of pets, few put animals first quite like PetSmart. The famed retailer has managed to serve as the top pet accessories store for decades now, often re-molding its own model to meet the needs of a culture that has become increasingly appreciative (or at the least, aware) of the value of pets within our day to day lives.

Now, Phoenix-based PetSmart is taking its commitment to animals to new, more stylish heights with the debut of its latest specialty collection with designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent.

Launching this fall is the PetSmart Nate + Jeremiah Collection—an exclusive collaboration created in conjunction with the world-renowned designers, which aims to offer functional furniture and accessories for pets that are as practical as they are aesthetically beautiful within the home.

“We’re always thinking about how we can solve pet parents’ problems,” says Stacia Andersen, chief customer officer and EVP at PetSmart, in regard to what inspired the idea for the collection.

“We reached out to Nate and Jeremiah, honestly just asking: ‘What do you think of this idea?’ Andersen continued in saying: “They [Berkus and Brent] love pets. Part of the reason we went to them is because they’re fantastic designers—they’re very well-known. They have two small children who love pets and are obsessed with pets… It just seemed like a natural match for them and for us. They were super passionate about making people’s spaces their own and bringing pets into main spaces.”

The days of unappealing pet beds, bird cages and toys that can prove to be an eye-sore within the home appear to be a thing of the past—at least if PetSmart has anything to do with it. Through this new specialty collection (that even caters to small animals like guinea pigs and hamsters, as well as lizards and fish), the retailer is proving that practicality and style go hand in hand.

In regard to whether or not we might see more specialty collections from Berkus and Brent with PetSmart in the future, Andersen teased: “We’re always looking to expand and try new things. I certainly wouldn’t close the door on expansion with them.”

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