Restaurant of the week: Pasta Brioni

Pasta Brioni is an Italian restaurant in Scottsdale with authentic Italian flavors and new dishes that is sure to be new favorites.


Starting off with appetizers, Fab AZ recommends the eggplant rollatine – eggplant wrapped in dumplings with cheese (yum!) and the portabello salad. Both are great ways to start off the Pasta Brioni dining experience. The beet salad seemed to be a popular choice with guests throughout the restaurant. We recommend trying any one of these items as they are great starters to share and won’t disappoint.


Heading into the entrees, Fab AZ was excited to see what the rest of the menu held, because the appetizers were so good. We tried the spaghetti and meatballs (how can you go wrong with a favorite like that?!) and their capeillinni primavera. These entrees did not disappoint. The spaghetti and meatballs comes with three large meatballs that are homemade by the chefs. If you are looking for your daily serving of vegetables, the capeillini primavera is the way to go! This dish comes with some pasta under a bed of julienned vegetables in a vegetable broth.


For dessert we were brought the cheesecake, flour-less chocolate cake and cannoli. All desserts are handmade by the chef’s wife – and they are amazing. There is nothing better than homemade cheesecake!

This is one place where you will want to keep coming back to try everything on their menu!

Pasta Brioni is open seven days a week at 11:30.

For more information on Pasta Brioni, visit

And while you are there, enjoy the waiters – the Brioni Boys. Just another part of the Pasta Brioni experience!

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