The All-New 2015 Lexus NX is the Ultimate Luxury Crossover

Fabulous Arizona had the opportunity to preview the brand new 2015 Lexus NX luxury crossover and I couldn’t have been more impressed.

2015 Lexus NX 200t F SPORT

My favorite version of the Lexus NX was by far and away the 200t F Sport. It’s like soccer mom meets race car driver. The perfect combination of sporty look and feel and family-friendly functionality. There is also a standard 200t and a 300h hybrid – but I personally prefer speed and power.

lexus nx

This new vehicle introduces some exciting new features for Lexus. Here are some of my favorite features on the Lexus NX:

Wireless Charging Tray

The 2015 NX is the first Lexus to offer a Qi wireless charging tray. The charging tray sits in the middle console, so you just set your phone on it and don’t have to worry about charging cords. This charging tray unfortunately does not work with the iPhone, but you can buy a Qi charging case to make it compatible. Anyone who knows me, knows how important cell phone battery power is to me. So this feature was definitely a winner in my book.

Lexus Enform Remote

This latest addition to the Lexus Enform family of connected services, allows the owner to remotely view and control certain vehicle features using a mobile app. This feature works for both iOS and Android devices. Some of the features I was particularly impressed with were:

  • Remote door lock/unlock – ever leave your car and can’t remember if you unlocked it? This feature allows you to lock your car from anywhere using your smartphone.
  • Remote stop/start for the engine and climate control – on those scorching hot summer days, start up that AC before you even get into your car.
  • Guest driver monitor – is your 16-year-old child borrowing the car to impress his date for the prom? You can monitor his use of the car, allowing you to even set a speed limit and curfew.

The Lexus Enform Remote requires a subscription with a annual fee (much like a satellite radio subscription), but I personally think this technology is worth an additional cost.

lexus enformer remote guest driver

Pre Collision System

The Pre Collision System is essentially meant to prevent you from rear-ending someone. It uses a millimeter-wavelength radar sensor to detect vehicles and other obstacles. A buzzer and a light help warn the driver of impending collision. The system can increase the driver’s braking effort, and activate Pre-Collision Brake if the driver doesn’t apply the brake. The system can also bring the NX to a full stop. Pre-Collision Brake deceleration works from a maximum speed of 37 mph. With so many inattentive drivers on the roads these days I think this feature is genius. I can see this saving a lot of fenders.

Overall, this new vehicle is a total win and a great addition to the Lexus lineup. The 2015 Lexus NX will be available for purchase later this year. To learn more, visit one of the valley dealerships:

18555 N. Scottsdale Road
Phoenix, AZ 85022

6206 East Test Drive
Mesa, AZ 85206

6905 E. McDowell Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

7430 West Orchid Lane
Chandler, AZ 85226

9238 West Bell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85382

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