Tia Launches New Fertility Care and Support

Tia, a modern medical haven for women, is setting a new standard of care for women by blending gynecology, primary care and mental health and wellness services to treat women conscientiously at a lower cost. The healthcare company has most recently launched a new service that provides women with fertility support with unbiased counseling, prevention-focused care and mental health support. 

Tia’s new fertility service, like all of its offerings, was designed by women for women. The new line of support was created to ensure every woman feels heard and cared for, aiming to empower women in a judgmental-free environment regardless of whether they are trying to become a parent now or not at all. 

In many instances, women’s health has been treated as nothing more than a reproductive life event, like whether or not she can (or will) conceive. This systematic fault does not support a woman’s whole health, leaving women to navigate the complexity of their fertility journey on their own. 

“From the moment you hit your 20s, women are bombarded with messages about their fertility,” says Deborah Singer, Tia’s SVP of Brand, Marketing & Communications in a press release. “It’s everywhere – the subtle and not-so-subtle comments, messages and targeted ads for egg freezing, period tracking and fertility services that are designed to scare you. Women are more than their egg count.”


Some services under the fertility umbrella that guests can expect when visiting Tia include prevention-focused care and medical support for those who suffer from chronic conditions like PCOS and endometriosis (a leading cause of infertility amongst women, yet often left undiagnosed until there are difficulties conceiving); fertility assessments to help women determine how they can plan for their future using unbiased counseling on options like egg freezing without the worry of financial incentives or judgment; and mental health and specialized wellness services for patients who are trying to become pregnant. 

“As we look toward a post-Roe America, women’s fertility choices have taken on a whole new meaning,” says Carolyn Witte, CEO and co-founder of Tia. “Like abortion, we believe that fertility care is healthcare, period, and an integral part of women’s comprehensive primary care. We need to reimagine fertility care as part of integrated women’s physical, mental and reproductive healthcare, no matter the journey. Tia supports all choices that women make to become a parent, or not, on their own terms.” 

Locally, Tia has launched its fertility services in partnership with Dignity Health at the Tia Phoenix location in Kierland Commons. To learn more about Tia, visit asktia.com.

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