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Trusting Connections Opens Timeless Play in Tucson

With a mission to “help kids be kids again,” Trusting Connections, Arizona-based nanny agency, announces the Timeless Play drop-off playcenter. Timeless Play opens in Tucson mid-March.

Timeless Play promises to be an upscale, curated play space for children, ages 1 to 12, to rediscover the joys of childhood. Instead of towering toys and flashy screens, the center is filled with non-electronic toys and an emphasis on nostalgic play. Timeless Play will curate environments that support children’s navigation through a process of inquiry and discovery.

The staff will offer active engagement with the children in their care. Timeless Play will have a small staff-to-kid ratio of 1:4 (with a maximum of 16 kids per hour) and cognitively stimulating spaces that promote the development of age-appropriate skills.

“Given the ongoing parenting crisis amidst this global pandemic we know, and the numbers support, that parents are worn out and more stressed than ever,” says Trusting Connections co-founder Rosalind Prather, in a press release. “Our goal is to help families get back to the business of being a family and giving them the support to do that through our new Timeless Play Center. We pride ourselves on offering kids and parents a safe, clean and engaging way to get out of the house for a much-needed change in scenery.”

Parents and caregivers are charged per hour at Timeless Play. It is a flexible care option for parents who need a few hours to attend a meeting, go to an appointment or run errands, sans children. 

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