Fabulous People


Fabulous People: Troy Richards

Troy Richards is the Chief Executive Officer at Over Easy Franchising, a local breakfast and lunch restaurant that has grown to 8 locations in Arizona. Troy actively serves on the foundation board of the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) and has been involved in TGen’s growth in many areas.


Fabulous People: Abbie Mirata

Abbie Mirata is the owner of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice in Chandler, opening June 2020! Abbie and her husband are opening the first Jeremiah’s Italian Ice in Arizona, which originated in Florida. Originally from Florida, Abbie is bringing a piece of her home here to the desert.


Fabulous People: Jenica McMaster

Jenica McMaster is the Managing Director for Nonprofit Relations at Uncommon Giving. Jenica can be found volunteering in the community with various nonprofits in her free time and loves to see and share the impact nonprofits make with the most vulnerable in our community.


Fabulous People: Sharon Brack

Sharon Brack is a local Functional Nutritionist, specializing in nutrigenomics (how food and vitamins interact with your DNA), Certified Holistic Health Counselor, and supplement expert with a passion for personalized wellness.


Fabulous People: Dave Pratt

Dave Pratt, also known as “The Mayor,” is the owner of Star Worldwide Networks & Agency. A legend here in Arizona, his show Dave Pratt in the Morning became the longest running rock and roll morning show in the United States.