Fabulous People

Caroline Wesnitzer, Co-Founder Trusting Connections

Fabulous People: Caroline Wesnitzer

Caroline Wesnitzer is the co-founder of Trusting Connections, one of the most respected nanny agencies in the country serving Tucson, Phoenix and Dallas-Fort Worth. The company was founded in 2014 in Tucson, and just last year was on track to become a multi-million-dollar company.

Fabulous People: Jayarr Steiner

Tempe artist Jayarr Steiner is the talent behind “Only Human,” a mural symbolizing empowerment within the community to celebrate the beautiful things that make us human. For the next three months, locals are able to visit Only Human at 1200 W. Laird St. in Tempe.

Rosalind Prather co founder Trusting Connections

Fabulous People: Rosalind Prather

Tucson’s Rosalind Prather is the co-founder of Trusting Connections, one of the fastest growing and most respected nanny agencies in the country. Trusting Connections not only unites families with the best sitters and nannies around, but it has also proved to be a valuable tool for parents navigating this unique time in history.

Fabulous People: Sienna Stark

Phoenix’s own Sienna Stark is the founder and owner of YogieFlow.com at only 12 years. After receiving her yoga teaching certificate, Sienna launched her site that offers unlimited yoga and meditation skills for kids, by kids.


Fabulous People: Kimberly Fox

Kimberly Fox is the Owner of Evolve Skin Bar in Scottsdale, as well as a Licensed Esthetician and a Certified Laser Technician. After a decade of working with children, she took her love for healing others to pursue her passion in skincare.


Fabulous People: Silva Nahabedian

Silva Nahabedian is the Director of Education for Chandler-based, Dazzle Dry. She’s a natural nail care specialist with over 20 years of experience. A long-time industry expert and celebrity manicurist, Silva was named “Best Manicurist” in Los Angeles by Allure Magazine.


Fabulous People: Aleksandra Mordas

Aleksandra Mordas is a passionate marketer, jewelry designer, writer, adventure seeker, espresso connoisseur and Doodle mom. After moving to Scottsdale with her husband, she once again challenged herself to evolve creatively and prove that anything is possible by launching Desert Citizen Jewelry, a brand designed to inspire women to embrace their confidence, natural beauty and sense of adventure in everyday pursuits.


Fabulous People: Dai Baker

Dai Baker is the Founder + Creative Director of Dai Baker Creative Group LLC in Tempe. She is a marketing and branding strategist, publicist, serial entrepreneur, academic scholar, and a mother. She is also an adjunct faculty member and mentor. Dai enjoys empowering young mothers and women to achieve their goals.