Fabulous People: Carlyn Bushman

Carlyn Bushman is a Founder/Partner of the fāv inc. She has been part of a great movement in keeping your handbags not just up to date and stylish, but also more customized and functional. Learn more about Carlyn Bushman…

Hometown: Plymouth, Wisconsin

Favorite AZ Restaurant: Casa Mia – it is our favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant. We are treated like family and have had multiple family celebrations at Casa Mia. So many great memories!

Person who has impacted your life the most: My mom – she was the first female realtor of the year in the State of Wisconsin. She demonstrated an incredible ability to love her family and still have her career. My sisters – their strength, love, and creativity empowers me every day. My father – his deep loyalty to his family.

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: Raising my son, Joey, as a single mom.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: I left my small town when I was 17 years old to go to Arizona State University (3,000 miles away from home) on crutches. I didn’t know anyone and had to figure out how to navigate my way.

Someone who inspires you: My husband, Randy. His love, leadership, and patience have created our amazing blended family. I aspire to be more like him. He brings out the best in others.

Favorite quote: Be the change you want to see in the world. Have Courage. Be Kind.

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Entrepreneurship is not easy. Be ready for long days and lots of learning. Don’t let this stop you – regardless of your age. Consider it a true blessing to be able to go for it! Always document your milestones – you will be amazed at your progress!

What do you think makes someone fabulous: Someone fabulous sees the greater good in others they cannot see for themselves.

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  1. Just starting out as an Entrepreneur myself, I can relate! It is hard and it is challenging, but with the right mindset and positive support, it does make some long days go a little smoother! Great article about real people! Thank you! #choosekindness

  2. Carlyn is an innovative businesswoman that , along with her partner, Sherrill, has created fashionable, functional and very beautiful accessories that have been missing in our wardrobes. I love my FAV bag and chain system. Well done ladies!!

  3. Carlyn is an innovative businesswoman who, along with her partner, Sherrill, has created fashionable, functional and beautiful accessories that have been missing in our wardrobes. I love my FAV bag and chain system! Well done ladies!

  4. Having Carlyn as a role model in my life has been very powerful for me. She has been a go-to resource, friend and confidant growing up, and as she moved across the country for school, through into adulthood. As you can see above, she’s taken risks, an important and admirable quality; she’s fearless about learning new things and integrating those learnings into how she lives her life; and she values her family and friends—cultivating healthy and sustaining relationships. I’m fortunate to know her and have her as my sister. Congratulations on your successes, Carlyn! xo Alicia

  5. Carla Hitzler

    Carlyn is blessed with both talent and a great heart for others! That warmth of spirit reminds me of why I really love my fav straps for my purses–because when my husband and I are walking and holding hands my purse straps do not fall off my shoulders anymore! All of my favorite purses have been transformed to my lifestyle (including shopping hands-free!). Arizona living is meant to be as carefree as possible – Carlyn has added to the luxury of that idea!

  6. It’s not surprising to see Carlyn succeed in business. She has a genuine desire to “fill a void” and her company, FAV, does just that. I have several of FAV’s creative bag and chain systems and I love all of them for their flexibility and interchangeable use with the handbags I already own. Congrats, Carlyn, on all your achievements!

  7. Carlyn brings a touch of flair to all she does! This in combination with her warmth of spirit and desire to see others thrive is what makes her so special. The FAV bags are a reflection of this unique mind-set in that they look very stylish yet also functional on so many levels. I chose to wear mine as a cross-over during the day and tuck under the arm with shortened chain for evening wear. I interchange the chains with the seasons and the formality of my dress. As I travel quite a bit, this feature makes it my “go to” bag for travel as it is so versatile and looks great with everything I wear. Thank you, Carlyn and FAV, for finding such a great solution to my needs~truly grateful!!

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