Fabulous People: Rani Sweis

Rani Sweis is a keynote speaker and the Owner of AtticSalt, a Phoenix branding studio. Rani went from being an actor to becoming obsessed with consumer behavior and how to design brands around it. Read more about Rani Sweis…

Hometown: Chicago, IL

First job: I grew up working in the family businesses. From stock boy to cashier to salesman, I did it all. My first job outside of the family foothold was at Best Buy. After selling a $130 surge protector with a $100 TV and not being compensated for it, I realized that my gift for gab could better serve me elsewhere.

Favorite AZ restaurant: Can I have two? Okay, so these are my favorite for completely different reasons. First is Mora Italian – the food is good here but I come mostly for the experience. I’m a little biased as this restaurant interior was design by my extremely talented and beautiful wife. Right from the moment you walk in your senses are ignited. The vibrant colors combined with the down to earth rustic finishes create an elevated dining experience while making you feel at home all at the same time. It’s design perfection!

Second is Fuego Bistro: This one is ALL about the food. This quaint little bistro is tucked away behind a dance studio and serves Latin fusion cuisine that will blow your palette away. After 8 years since finding it, I am still a regular.

Person who has most impacted your life: My Dad. The world could be going up in flames and you would never see this guy sweat. The epitome of “The American Dream,” my Dad migrated to the USA as a teen with pennies in his pocket and turned that into a multimillion dollar investment through persistence and relentless work ethic. He inspires me to believe that anything is possible if you’re willing to work your ass off!

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: Becoming a paid actor and fitness model. Getting there was brutal and almost killed me. Growing up with chronic asthma lead me to be 250lbs and 48% bodyfat at 14 years old. I was the token fat kid in school who was teased and tormented for being overweight. I finally decided that it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself and do something about it. It wasn’t easy but I finally did it against all the odds. My biggest accomplishment give me the confidence to shoot for my dreams. I signed with a local talent agency and went on to being published in Muscle & Fitness magazine and acting on set with the likes of Will Ferrell, Rebecca Hall, Jamie Foxx and more.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: Depression is real. I can’t say that I’ve completely overcome it as it’s a constant obstacle in life. However, I’ve learned to manage through relentless positivity and optimism. The hardest part about it, as we seen in recent news with all the celebrity suicides, is that you can be surrounded by people and accomplishment and still feel like you’re on an island by yourself. It’s hard but that’s why I always keep great people around me who know how to pull me out of a funk. Rest in peace, Anthony Bourdain. I hope that you finally found the peace you were searching for. You’ll certainly be missed.

Someone who inspires you: Sylvester Stallone. In my darkest moments I remember vividly reading Sly Moves by Sylvester Stallone and it completely changed my life. It was positioned as a weight loss book but the back story of his life is what lit a fire under my ass. It is the quintessential underdog story that put the idea of endless possibility in my head. Some others are Abraham Lincoln, and Michael Jordan and Jay Z. See a recurring theme here?

Favorite quote: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Don’t ever do for the money. You’ll be broke and miserable. Do it because you love it. That’s how you become successful.

What makes someone fabulous: The have tenacity to overcome adversity at whatever cost necessary.

Learn more about Rani Sweis and his company AtticSalt at brandseasoning.com.





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