Best Private Chefs

Between working full-time jobs, tending to our family and friends and designating time for self-care, it can be tricky finding enough time in the day to still be able to deliver well-balanced meals too. Fortunately, for many Arizonans, the state boasts a number of high-profile and critically-acclaimed private chefs who can deliver the decadence and allure of a restaurant-quality meal, all within the comforts of their home. Here are a few of the best private chefs in Arizona.

Eat by Stacey Weber

Stacey Weber is a local chef who’s been serving Valley residents through private chef and catering services since 2007. Beyond her impressive industry experience, she’s also worked with a wide-range of clients who can attest to her incomparable abilities—including everyone from celebrities and top executives, to even the Arizona Cardinals. Weber’s food creations often focus on the flavors of the Southwest, which are heightened by seasonal ingredients and a particular dedication to delivering healthy, innovative dining options to customers. Eat by Stacey Weber offers prepared meals, catering and personal chef services that anyone can enjoy. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy Nik the Chic.

Nik the Chic Chef

Nik Fields—or rather her professional title, the Chic Chef—has made quite a career for herself. While she’s enjoyed a fairly young career so far, Fields has the accomplishments, credibility and clientele to prove that her culinary talents are truly one-of-a-kind. Her work as a private chef has led her to work with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and sports—including everyone from Sharon Stone to Snoop Dogg. Fields also serves as the entrepreneur behind an artisan food company that produces vineyards, spices and olive oils. And most recently, she opened up her own restaurant space called Chic Chef Co Cafe. For more information, visit

Curate Cuisine

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that 2020 was a hard year—though for many people, it also served as an opportunity to step into a new space in either their career or life. That’s the story for local food aficionado, Chef Joseph Lerner, who started Curate Cuisine—a private dinner party service which features the talented chef tapping into his creative talents via the food, menu offerings and, yes, even the decor. For more information, visit

Health Held in Hand

Launched in the fall of 2019 by Chef Robbe Held, Health Held in Hand is a personal chef business that specializes in delivering uniquely curated dishes and events to a person’s home. Chef Held, who is a well-respected personal chef in the Phoenix area, works with a number of high-profile clients—including some in the NBA and NFL—along with many others who rely on Held for his personalized and accessible approach to delivering truly good food.For more information on Chef Robbie Held or Health Held In Hand, visit

Chef William Turner

Chef William Turner—originally from the state of South Carolina—has introduced his Low Country roots influence out West and made a name for himself in the process. He’s led some of America’s most iconic brands, and founded a private chef business in 2017. Chef Turner not only boasts experience cooking for hundreds of high-scale events like anniversaries, birthdays, and corporate parties, but he’s also created a reputation as the preferred chef for dozens of Valley-based athletes, celebrities, and even politicians. For more information, visit

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