Restaurant of the Week: OBON

Japanese inspired craft cocktails, delicious sushi and ramen and fire atmosphere- OBON is your new North Scottsdale restaurant that mixes traditional and modern Japanese cuisine to create a one of a kind experience.

OBON, located in the Scottsdale Quarter, is a new concept from Fukushu Concepts. Looking in from the outside we were initially drawn to the sexy exterior. Once inside we felt an instantaneous rush of style and cool. From the modern lines, stimulating staff, and beautiful menu we were instantly relaxed and prepared to take a culinary adventure that we have been missing out on.

We started our meal with two of their craft cocktails The Coconut Thyme and The Korean Cooler. The Coconut Thyme is an island inspired drink that is refreshing and delightful. The Korean cooler has a more Japanese inspired approach and is like fireworks going off on your taste buds. OBON has several Japanese Inspired cocktails that at first glance may be outside of the box, but with a little courage I promise you will be pleasantly satisfied!


Our cocktails were a perfect complement to our delicious appetizers – OBON edamame, Pork Sticky Buns, and Bird Sticky Buns. The edamame was unlike your usually sushi counter edamame it is packed with flavor with what is called “Paulo’s special sauce.” It is addicting whatever this “special sauce” may be. Being a big fan of sticky buns I was excited to try OBON’s. The Pork sticky bun has perfectly prepared pork belly with a delicious hoisin Chinese mustard, cucumber, and scallions. If you’re new to sticky buns I highly suggest this option. The flavors are clean and hearty, the best of both worlds! The Bird sticky bun is a special take on a southern classic, hot chicken. The fried chicken, hot sauce, and pickles are perfectly combined and definitely check the comfort food box. If you are feeling REALLY frisky they also specialize in a Spam Sticky bun! Appetizers at OBON include special sauce and sticky buns—I mean what could go wrong?

We then moved on to our entrees. Being that OBON’s claim to fame are sushi and ramen, we obviously had to try both. Although all the sushi selections looked amazing, we decided on the Monster roll because it has a little bit of everything. Initially we didn’t know how they could pack so much into a sushi, but they did! Cucumber, avocado, shrimp, crispy soft shell crab, spicy crab, cream cheese, asparagus, topped with spicy tuna, eel sauce and rice pearls – each flavor complemented the other so well! It is a must-try for the adventurous sushi lover.


For our Ramen choice we went with our server’s suggestion of the OBON Ramen which included roasted pork shoulder and pork belly, dried shredded chili, bamboo shoots, scallions, 64* egg, black garlic oil and bean sprouts. Once again, each ingredient played so well off of the other and immediately filled you with warmth and goodness. If you only try one dish at OBON, the ramen is the way to go. And just for good measure, we also tried the Street Noodles which included stir fry noodles with beaten egg, minced chicken, onion, chili-ginger, tobandjan, fresh beansprouts, crushed peanuts and scallions. Both noodle dishes did not disappoint. Major plus is you get to show off your chop stick skills.

So now that we were completely stuffed, we of course had to try their Tira-miso, OBON’s take on Tiramisu. This creative Japanese inspired dessert was so light and fluffy and packed with flavor. Every table around us ordered the dessert and EVERY table cleaned the serving dish, it was that good!

So if you are looking for a new place for date night, girls night or even a business dinner, OBON is a great choice. Not only does OBON bring some sexiness to Scottsdale Quarter with is creative drinks and satisfying food, it brings an experience like no other restaurant in Scottsdale!

ボナペティ (Bon Appetite)

Get more information about OBON, visit fukushuconcepts.com.

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