Restaurant of the Week: Organ Stop Pizza

Organ Stop Pizza is an entertaining take on your traditional pizza parlor. The Mighty Wurlizter pipe organ provides unique entertainment while enjoying delicious hand-made pizza.


Organ Stop Pizza offers a range of appetizers, salad bar, pasta, sandwiches, ice cream station and, of course, hand-tossed pizza.

For the appetizers, Fab AZ highly recommends their fried mozzarella and zucchini sticks. They are big enough to share with a group and satisfy that fried food craving, without all the grease. Dinners will be pleasantly surprised with the lack of grease that come from these delicious appetizers.

Next up, pizza! While there is a huge selection of sandwiches and pastas on the menu, Fab AZ went with the pizza. (How can you not try the pizza at a pizza place?!) The pizza is wonderful. The hand-tossed, homemade crust makes a difference in the taste of the pizza. No matter what toppings you try, this pizza will not disappoint.

And who can forget about dessert? Make sure you leave room for their ice cream station! Organ Stop Pizza is like a ice cream and pizza parlor mixed in one. Guests can choose from scoops of ice-cream, or a full sundae. It’s the perfect ending to the pizza you just enjoyed.

So next time you find yourself wanting good, homemade pizza, Organ Stop Pizza should be on the top of the list. And, with the organist playing fun music, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

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And for those who loved the entertainment the most, you can buy the cd in their gift shop that is on-site!

Organ Stop Pizza is opened everyday for dinner, Monday through Friday from 4 till 9 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 3 – 9 p.m.

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