Restaurant of the Week: Water Chestnut

Many of you know Chestnut as your favorite Brunch spot, but they just gave you another reason to stop by. Now open is their nighttime concept Water Chestnut, your soon to be new favorite ramen shop, which has full service dining and take out with a delicious signature cocktail menu.

Open only Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, Water Chestnut offers a Pan-Asian style menu that includes small plates to delicious ramen bowls. We first started off with a seaweed and calamari salad, which was the perfect and light start to our meal. But that wasn’t all the small plates we were lucky enough to try. We also had the flash fried handmade beef potsticker and a handmade vegetable egg roll with plum sauce. Keyword being handmade and you were definitely able to tell as soon as you took a bite. Their small plate menu is light, refreshing, and a perfect start to your meal before their mouth-watering ramen bowls.


Ramen has come a long way since the ramen we all knew as kids. Water Chestnut is taking this concept of ramen to a whole new four-step process. Step 1: choose the broth, step 2: select the type of noodle, step 3: select the protein, and step 4: add anything extra, including nori, naruto and soy eggs. With their vegetarian/vegan options as well, there are options that everyone can enjoy.


To satisfy that sweet tooth, they offer a unique and satisfying dessert menu. Their dessert menu features mango sticky rice, house made popsicles, matcha green tea ice cream with banh cam, and my new favorite black sesame seed ice cream with banh cam. All serve as the sweet ending to your meal.

Come and see what this new concept is all about. Chestnut has always been a favorite local spot, but it is now attracting even more attention with the addition of Water Chestnut. For more information, please visit chestnutaz.com or stop by and see and taste what everyone is talking about.

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