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Sunny’s Lounge

Sunny’s Lounge, otherwise known as Say Less, isn’t just another addition to Phoenix’s nightlife scene. It’s a local industry bar, a place where professionals can truly unwind after a long shift and sip on craft cocktails inspired by favorite classics – with a twist!

The name Sunny’s Lounge, a k a Say Less, stems from a phrase deeply rooted in the service industry culture. It embodies direct, concise communication without unnecessary details, a silent promise that says, “We’ve got your back.” Sunny’s Lounge is a hub dedicated to ensuring the service industry not only feels acknowledged but appreciated.

Mat Snapp, EVP of Operations of Barter & Shake, says, “‘Say Less’ is more than just a name; it’s our mantra. It represents our commitment to understanding your needs without you having to say much, offering a personalized experience for each guest.” Barter & Shake also includes Undertow, Century Grand and Grey Hen Rx among it successful cocktail concepts.

Sunny’s Lounge is a modern take on a classic dive bar. The newly opened bar has replaced Shady’s Fine Ales and Cocktails, a former local hotspot. When you step inside, you are immersed in a dark atmosphere lit with candles and dim lighting. While the atmosphere is visibly dark, there is a sense of warmth from the exposed brick, wood walls and plush leather seating. The centerpiece of the bar is a pool table with traditional green lights shining down on its players. It’s surrounded by elevated black leather booths and a second stool-seated bar. Sunny’s Lounge is adorned with pop culture pieces of traditional artists, including a Frida Kahlo portrait hung adjacent to the pool table.

Sunny’s Lounge has 15 craft cocktails to choose from, all reinventing classic tipples. Some highlights on the menu are the Magazine Cover and Love or Money. The Magazine Cover is inspired by classic Cosmopolitan and is made with vodka, pineapple, black currant, cranberry, jalapeno and orange. It is a tart blend of citrus topped with a foamy texture, garnished with a beautiful flower. Love or Money is made with mezcal, Jamaican rum, Amaro, guava-infused grenadine, lime and absinthe. This drink is lightly fruity with a strong tequila punch, a smooth finish and a smoky aftertaste, garnished with a dried orange. Love or Money resembles a traditional Whiskey drink such as a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned.

Sunny’s Lounge is open Monday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. For more information, visit

2701 E. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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