The Parlour Room Opens in Downtown Gilbert

A new prohibition-era-inspired concept, The Parlour Room, entered Gilbert’s underground scene with eccentric cocktails, moody lighting and a vintage-eclectic vibe on Oct. 30.

Created by the masterminds behind The White Rabbit (Medina Hospitality), The Parlour Room is anticipated to become one of the hottest, high-energy destinations in all of Downtown Gilbert. Similar to The White Rabbit, The Parlour Room will feature an artistic lineup of handcrafted libations that have been carefully created by The White Rabbit’s bar lead, Dylan Mirador. The drink menu will focus heavily on unique martinis, in addition to an exciting surprise menu.

The new destination will be conveniently located next to The White Rabbit to allow guests the opportunity to experience both prohibition-inspired concepts, each unique and offering a different aesthetic than one another. 

“We aim to make an experience of the night out — one that intrigues the seasoned imbiber and is also inviting for social interactions,” says Nick Medina, founder of Medina Hospitality, the brainchild behind both concepts. “At The Parlour Room, as with The White Rabbit, achieving that sense of wonderstruck is as important to us as offering the most enticing menu of mixed drinks.”

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