“Karve your Body, Week 4:” Exploring Your Motivation and Inspiration

Reasons to Get Stronger
Whether you’re eliminating, blasting or burning belly fat, it’s scientifically proven that strong cores and tight midsections prevent many health problems and prolong lives.

Women’s Health states that, “A Canadian study of more than 8,000 people found that over 13 years, the people with the weakest abdominal muscles had a death rate more than twice as high as those with the strongest midsections.”

By strengthening your abdominal muscles and losing belly fat, you can have better control of your exercising and thus, be in better control of your body and health, as described by Women’s Health.

I internalize these tidbits of information as motivation to continue to improve at Karve’s core strength training, which targets my most insecure areas. If “disease prevention” and “the power to perform” because of a solid infrastructure aren’t substantial enough reasons to work toward a trim waist and strong midsection, than perhaps concentrate on personal challenges. In one month, I’ve felt noticeably stronger holding and following through with the Karve method’s ab exercises, which embodies Karve Studio instructor Alyssa’s emphasized notion that Karve is self-motivating.

Most Bang for Your Buck
Karve instructor Alyssa has been professionally involved with health and fitness for more than 25 years. As someone who has ran a corporate fitness facility and specialized in spinning, step, Pilates, yoga, Slide Board and various cardio classes, Alyssa says that she’s stuck with Karve more than anything. She loves that it focuses on “core strengthening” and “building inner strength.”

Alyssa explains Karve as stringent training that pays close attention to detail. Although each instructor has distinct styles, each consistently delivers a solid class because the methodology remains the same. Alyssa describes Karve Studio founder and owner Kendra as an innovator who has tweaked ballet-barre exercises and created a manual and method that is unmatched.

“Karve is the most bang for your buck in one hour,” says Alyssa. “For any age and varying strengths and abilities.”

Lifestyle Habits
“I have a big appetite and eat what I want,” says Alyssa. “With four to five days of Karve, there isn’t as much of a penalty.”

She adds that if you’re obsessing over and counting calories, you’re not enjoying life. By regularly incorporating Karve into your weekly routine, you’re building muscle and cross training. Over four months, Alyssa started taking Karve classes, in addition to teaching, and she dropped two jean sizes.

One tip to keep in mind? Sleep! You won’t see results with any program unless you get adequate sleep.

Striving Toward Improvement
Alyssa poignantly summarizes Karve as self-motivating. Unlike typical fitness classes that rely on the instructors for motivation, Karve creates internal motivation.

“You want to improve and get better,” she says.

Karve centers around comradery and energy. It’s well-grounded and based on science that ensures safe exercising. Karve has made an impact on Alyssa’s active lifestyle as an incomparable exercise that doesn’t tire or burn her out. It’s a resonating program that you get the most out of in little time.


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