The Starlight House in Paradise Valley

Connect with your higher self at The Starlight House, an avant-garde sanctuary devoted to the realms of light, sound and vibrational medicine in Paradise Valley. Guided by Kim Roach, an enthusiast of alternative healing and yoga, the soul retreat offers a therapeutic experience that blends ancient principles with cutting-edge technologies.

A home for holistic wellness and self-discovery, The Starlight House in Paradise Valley is a tranquil space focusing on healing with light, sound and vibrational therapies. “Through The Starlight House, we’ve established a sacred space where individuals can embark on a journey of profound self-discovery,” says Kim Roach, founder, in a press release.

Conceived by Roach, The Starlight House specializes in tailored sessions designed to facilitate the awakening of the third eye, nurturing intuition and establishing connections with one’s higher consciousness. These meticulously curated treatments are geared toward stimulating and purifying the pineal gland—the reputed seat of the soul—utilizing brain entrainment techniques to induce a Theta state conducive to self-healing.


These therapies, known as vibe sessions or attunements, include a one-on-one consultation to address session goals, a take-home intention card, a Tesla coil charged crystal, a 10-minute sound bath and grounding tea. Each session addresses a different struggle, including vibes to aid in insomnia, low energy and anxiety. 

Beyond individual experiences, The Starlight House presents bespoke private retreats, workshops and monthly sound healing ceremonies. These immersive experiences, featuring vibe sessions, Bio-Well analyses, private sound ceremonies and hot and cold therapies, embrace a holistic approach to well-being.

Roach envisions The Starlight House as a sanctuary for those navigating life’s transitions, seeking stress relief or yearning for deeper connections. The studio’s community gatherings, held under the celestial canopy, foster bonds and facilitate nervous system resets. “As awareness grows about the transformative power of sound therapies, frequencies and brainwave entrainment, The Starlight House stands as a pioneering space where ancient wisdom meets modern healing,” says Roach, in a press release.

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