Platform 18’s New Destination and Menu

All aboard Platform 18 at Century Grand in Phoenix for a new journey set against the backdrop of a rainy New York City in 1924. The train ride will take guests through the boroughs as they sip their way through a menu reminiscent of jazz clubs, moody nights and the underground world of speakeasies. 

As travelers board Platform 18 at Century Grand, ranked among the “50 Best Bars in North America” according to World’s Best 2023, they are immediately transported onto a luxurious, Presidential Pullman-inspired train car. The new ambiance of Platform 18 mirrors the moody, rainy streets of New York, where the spirit of the 20’s is alive and thriving. 

With subtle nods to real-life prohibition-era speakeasies like the Cotton Club, the intimate train travels through different boroughs in New York City, showcasing a glimpse into the underground world of illegal bars, the rise of jazz clubs and the mob wives behind them as drops of rain and fog stain the windows. 

Two-Gun Girl

Alongside the new journey is a new menu akin to a traveler’s little black book, featuring over 20 meticulously crafted cocktails, mocktails and three new boozy ice creams (including a vegan option). Each creation is a testament to inventive techniques, house-made spirits and unexpected ingredients the cocktail experience has come to be known for. 

Some highlights include Two-Gun Girl, with Don Fulano Blanco, sea buckthorn, grapefruit, passion fruit and white chocolate; Nobody Wants Me, with Ana Maria Tequila Rosa Blanco, mint-infused Tanqueray No. Ten Gin, Pamplemousse Rose, peach, pineapple, rhubarb, sumac, lime and grapefruit oils; and Texas & Belle, with Garrison Brothers Bourbon, Don Fulano Anejo, Rhum Clément Select Barrel, lacto-fermented raspberry, lemongrass and sour cream wash. Each drink on the menu is inspired by historically accurate backgrounds, with stories of mob wives, mobsters and speakeasies provided by knowledgeable conductors upon request. 

Togarashi Popcorn

Other new notes include the addition of snacks and ABV percentages so guests may indulge and drink responsibly. The new savory plates include warm marinated olives, togarashi popcorn and parmesan. 

To end your journey on a sweet note, we highly recommend trying a scoop of boozy ice cream, with options including Mae West, with VSOP cognac Rémy Martin, cacao and Fernet-Branca; Conjuring Valentino, with Ketel One Vodka, espresso and hazelnut; and The Southern Club, with Sazerac Rye Whiskey, coconut milk and Bitters Vegan Ice Cream. Additionally, a box of boozy truffles is available, with eight decedent chocolates artfully crafted to be enjoyed on the train or taken home. 

Platform 18 departs Tuesday to Thursday, from 4 p.m. to midnight, and Friday to Sunday, from 2:30 p.m. to midnight. 

To snag a train ticket (or make a reservation), visit

3626 E. Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85018 

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